Should the C's start Greg Stiemsma?

Ok its still early in the season, we have not really gotten a complete look at Stiemsma yet, but what we have seen so far in the minutes he has played so far in the 2 preseason games and the one last night vs N.O., Stiemsma has looked pretty impressive and promising.

Stiemsma is a young legit center which is exactly what the C's need short and long term.

He has size, length (being 6"11, 260 lbs), is athletic, has shown at least so far to have decent vertical jumping ability, can run the floor, has nice defensive footwork,in the paint defensive skills, shot altering, blocking skills, rebounding skills, soft hands capable of catching passes, perimeter scoring capabilities utilizing his jumper and low post scoring scoring skills utilizing his hook shot , all of which are not much more you can ask from a center.

With the above said and considering Doc may not even do it , the question Id like to ask is is should the C's who have a old starting front line with JO and KG contemplate starting Stiemsma to get some younger legs, athleticism and energy into the starting front court and so we can also give Stiemsma a good test run to see what this kid truly has to offer?

I think playing Stiemsma who is a former NBA Development Defensive Player of the year award winner can possibly kill 2 birds with one stone as he can possibly help the C's not only this year, but it will also allow him to get some valuable quality playing time to allow the C's to possibly groom him and to see if he can be there center of the future that they will need as they seek to rebuild.

Also by starting Stiemsma another benefit is it will allow J.O. to move to the bench and to match up better against backup centers instead of starting centers to give him a advantage also at his current age.

What do you all think?

Is Stiemsma just a fluke and starting him is a bold and premature silly idea?


Is he possibly a gem Ainge has found and is possibly the young and promising center that the C's need short and long term and it would be silly not not to start him to help the C's cause this year and to also kick start his development?

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