Celtics cant win a championship with this roster. Move must be made. Ideas!!!

The window for this roster to win a championship is up. A trade needs to be made for this team before the deadline that will keep this team relavant and not go into straight rebuilding mode. I was for trading Rondo for Chris Paul or for another superstar if possible, but more importantly right now is to trade either KG or Ray Allen(to a lesser extent) to get a player or 2 to build with. Even though we have big money for this upcoming free agency there are only a couple of players that are actually work max money and I dont count on them coming here. I came up with for possible suiters that would be willing to take take there expiring contracts for players the would be willing to get rid off:


Kg and bradley for josh smith and hinrich

- Josh smith is a better defender that Kg at this point and could run the floor with rondo. Hinrich play the backup 1 and 2 and can shoot as well as play decent defense. They consider his one of the best defenders against Wade.


Andre Iguodola and Nocioni for KG

-Iguodola is a dynamic player that can also run with rondo and could cover guys like Lebron. Nocioni would probably be anemstied. Would need to make another move to get a decent big guy to replace KG.


Paul Millsap and raja bell for Ray Allen and throw in

-Paul Millsap bring the tuffness we are lacking. He has been productive with his minutes the last couple of yrs. Raja Bell could start at the 2 as the defensive guy and three point shooter. pietris could back him up and play good minutes as well.

Golden State:

Monta Eliis and Beidrins for KG and bradley

-Ellis could be the scorer we are missing at the end of games. He is a top scorer in the league and could make a good backcourt parter to Rondo for yrs to come. Beidrins can be used as a big body that could rebound and protect the basket. I would even consider David Lee if we couldnt get Ellis because even though he is overpaid he is way more productive that KG at this point of his career.


Bass plus throw in if needed for Mayo

-Mayo would be a great scorer of the bench this yr and could be out replacement for Ray. Bass if no more that an average undersized big.

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