I'm just going to come right out and say it... (Rondo/CP3 in-depth analyzation)

Firstly, I apologize for starting yet another separate Fan-Post for the most talked about trade rumors of our finally here free-agency. I just wanted to offer a quick and focused analysis and sum-up of the whole Rondo for Chris Paul thing.

Rondo has been superb in the last two seasons as a ball-hustling, pure-point guard. I'm of the opinion he was along for the ride for the 2008 championship, but was a pivotal piece of why we went as far as we did in The Big Three's second run at the title. He has progressed as a player literally every year since the '08 title and with his top-tier assisting and marginal increase in FG% every year, has been exactly the point guard the Celtics needed to properly accomodate the ego's our Big Three set aside in order to bring us that memorable '07-'08 season & enjoyable and inspired basketball to watch on any given game night the last 4 years. Now, that being said...

As good as player Rondo has become and as perfectly as he (seemingly?) fits the mold for what this current line-up of Celtics need, his shooting has been a huge gaping-dark hole in what makes our starting 5 as perfect a line up you're ever likely to see in your lifetime of basketball fandom.

Chris Paul is absolutely the missing link to make us the deadliest line-up in the NBA. He's statistically (almost) everything Rondo is plus shooting from anywhere on the court, his shooting makes the Celtics literally uncoverable.

With JO and KG, Two quality defenders who can block and shoot from the field covering the front court, two shoot-from-anywhere, quality defensive players like Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in the back, and a top-point guard in the NBA all-around player like Chris Paul orchestrating this choir, there's literally no-stone-left-unturned in our options on offense on any given possession with those players on the court.

The only thing that should give people any reason for concern is can Paul's knees keep up with him and is it worth the risk that we'd only get him for one season.

To the health naysayers, I say that this is the NBA and every player has the equal opportunity of playing time losing, game missing injuries, and Paul is no different. He had proper surgery preformed and properly healed, he seemed to be doing fine in the post season last year, and this extended off-season has given him any potentially-needed but affirmatively-helpful healing time.

To those who think he will only be here one season, I say if the trade actually went down, that barring any serious injuries to any of our starters (except JO who's sadly I feel guaranteed to miss a good stretch of games at some point in the season), that there is absolutely no way we don't go all the way. I'm sorry, but as I pure basketball lover and knower of what ---insert players name here--- brings to the table, it's undeniable too unstoppable a perfect-storm of a line-up.

I say that in order to come out on top were the trade to happen that our top 3 focuses would be re-signing Delonte West and Jeff Green, finding a quality back-up center/power forward hybrid (DeAndre Jordan or a JJ Hickson come to mind) to back-up JO, and signing a Marquise Daniels or the type player.

Delonte West is a necessity in that he's a reliable back-up for when Paul needs to rest and that he can also sufficiently cover the 2.

Jeff Green, with training camp (lol) and a full season (lmfao) with the C's under his belt, can really become the man and player he was meant to be come play-off time. Without getting into that whole beloved-Perk for Green, the bottom line was/is that Ainge believed in the potential gold striking possibilities that Green brings to the Celtics. As close a replica for a Paul Pierce back-up you could ask for, his slight size advantage and younger legs and unusually quick mobility for a man of his size also allows for him to cover the 2 or the 4 depending on what kind of team you're playing and what kind of line-up you're running with. If Jeff Green can realize his potential full-circle by regular seasons end, that's... Huge.

In bringing back Marquise Daniels (or less favorably a player of similar size and skill-set) he offers a different, yet solid back up for Ray Allen. But again depending on what kind of ball we're playing, due to his unique build and mobility, 'Quise could also cover the 1 or 3.

As far as big baby goes, so long as he sticks to his role of offensive rebounding and taking chargers, and considering he grows up in the locker-room and off the court, I say bring him back, but don't go crazy trying to get him if he doesn't come aboard quietly.

SIGN DeAndre Jordan! I know last season he caught the eyes of many of you Celtic bloggers, and for those who aren't familiar with him just youtube a collection of his highlights as I'm sure there must be some on there. DeAndre Jordan just so happens to be a young (and gifted) free agent who can provide quality back up minutes for KG and JO, he's big, he's athletic, he's a perfect piece of the puzzle, he's something of a gap-bridge to the next gen of Celtics and he's also ready to contribute now. He's young, he shouldn't be TOO expensive, I believe just like the Big Three and so many other players have done over the course of history, if properly presented with why he'd be a good fit with the Celtics and maybe even a visit from Doc and the Big Three themselves, we can get him for cheaper then he wants or is capable of getting elsewhere.

Allen Iverson. Why not? I know he's a head case, I know he's unpredictable, but he's a proven veteran and the an all-time player who just very well may fall in line with the Celtics system in order for that one last shot at a ring. Low risk, high potential rewards in bring Iverson on board, if we get him for cheap (which shouldn't be a problem) and he conforms to Celtics basketball (which I really feel like he could given the circumstances) then it's a potential brilliant move by Ainge in bringing back the guy everyone thought was all washed up, only to have him provide quality back up to our new star point guard but have a few memorable performances along the way further bettering his legacy in the NBA and giving him both a chance to retire more gracefully and a chance to get that ring he never did.

You're line-up is starting to look something like this

C- O'Neill, Jordan, Davis

PF- KG, Green, Jordan, Davis

SF- Pierce, Green, Daniels

SG- Allen, Daniels, Iverson, West, Green (maybe?)

PG- Paul, West, Iverson, Daniels

I know my post at this point may seem like a non-sensical fantasy pipe-dream to some, but I truly believe that if we can make the Rondo-Paul trade happen, everything else should come fairly easy or not-as-hard-as-you-may-think to the the ultra-naysayers. I don't have a good enough knowledge in if this is all financially plausible with the new CBA rules, but I think if players had to sacrifice for the greater good of the team's post season success, they would and we could get it done.

Now for your entertainment, a fantasy analysis of this season's outcome and the Celtics future to come for the next few years...

We win it all this year. The success we have without him makes Dwight Howard realize that we'll be that much better with him and with Banner 18 to show off and the powers-that-be doing what they do best to appeal to him, he signs with us next year. How so you ask? With KG and Ray Allen coming off the books at the end of the season, but them having a desire to remain relevant and amongst the NBA elite, they sign for lesser than usual. Lesser than any of us could imagine them signing for in order to make way for long-term contracts for Chris Paul and Superman himself.

Depending on how each individual player preforms, and after we see where everyone is at, we still have an impressive core of Howard, KG, Pierce, Allen and Paul. I say with that potential line-up I have layed out above, that with Doc more accordingly assigning minutes that every player plays to the best of their individual strengths and we have one of the most perfectly assembled, memorably great basketball teams of all time. Most of everyone comes back the following season plus Howard and the Celtics compete another title or two during the Big Three era with a promising young core of Howard-Paul-Green for the future.

This of course all depends on whether or not Chris Paul can learn to appreciate and desire to be a part of/make Celtics history, if that can happen, the rest will all come naturally and we'll have one helluva good time watching our beloved Celtics for the next decade or so.

Part honesty, part fantasy, with a small helping of straight unreasonableness, this concludes my analyzation of the Rondo/Paul Trade and the potential future of the Celtics for years to come, thanks for reading and I'd love some feedback, thanks.

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