Throw Shrek and Donkey under the bus!!!







First, a couple of quotes: from Doc regarding M. Daniels injury, "if thats long, then we have to do something. We have to get another '3', let's just be serious."

From  D.A.regarding M. Daniels "we may be looking at the trade deadline to make a move, Danny Ainge said; and not for just the short term. "

Well, I've got a trade that helps us now, help us in the future and is a win-win for all teams involved!!! Of course, I understand that Danny Ainge & Doc Rivers don't read our blogs but we can all dream, right???

Here goes, The Boston Celtics trade Big Baby Davis and Nate Robinson (aka Shrek & Donkey) and a first round draft pick to, drum roll please! TO MEMPHIS!!! The Memphis Grizzlies send us O. J. Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet?!?!?!!!

The Boston Celtics also send M. Daniels andVon Wafer, a first round draft pick and cash, to the Sacramento Kings for Carl Landry?!?!?!?!!!

Ok, ok, just hold on a second, let me explain how this would benefit all teams involved, not just this year but beyond.

First, let's deal with Memphis. Why would this help Memphis?  O.J. Mayo has been relegated to the bench / dog house (and is currently serving a 10 game suspension). He is not going to rejoin the starting lineup due to the development of Xavier Henry. Secondly, due to the arrival of Marc Gasol, Hasheem Thabeet has never had the opportunity to show what he might become in the NBA. He is only getting about 8 minutes per night. So, in Memphis's eyes he is certainly expendable. Let's look at how the pieces fit for Memphis. They get a PF Glenn Davis,who can spell Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. They get a PG in Nate Robinson WHO doesn't mind coming off the bench who can spell Xavier Henry and in a pinch Mike Conley. BUT, the real bonus for the Grizzlies is in the contracts, this year & beyond. Let's look at the numbers for the grizzlies.

Glenn Davis, expiring contract, $3.3M  (all numbers come from hoopsworld), Nate Robinson 2yr, 4.2M, 4.5M

O.J. Mayo, 2 yr, 4.4M, 7M, Q/O 9M 2013, Hasheem Thabeet 2 yr, 4.7M, 5.1M, T/O 6.5M 2013

The benefits to the grizzlies are, first 3.3M expiring contract, additional cap savings of 7.6M next year + 1st round pick.!!!

So, what does this provide for Boston??? We get O.J. Mayo, a 23yr old SG, 6'4", 210, who is under contract thru 2012, with career avg. of (last two yr) 15pts, 3 rb, 2.5 ast, 1 stl. He can spell Ray Allen, sometimes Pierce, AND he could be groomed to fill Ray Allen's slot we he retires. In H. Thabeet we get a 23yr old C, 7'3, 267, who is also under contract thru 2012, with admittedly low career averages, BUT in all fairness to him, he has not gotten much of an opportunity to flourish in memphis (8 min. per game) However, at UCONN he did avg 13pts, 10 rb, 4.2 blks per game during his junior/senior season, he came into the league as the 2nd pick of the '09 draft. Given the celtics current state in regards to our centers, ie., shaq, erden and O'Neal, all injured and in / out of the lineup, i would feel much better about our banner 18 chances if we had another big (and 6 extra fouls). PLUS he will actually make less money than we are paying J. O"Neal. Big healthy centers are a precious commodity in this league and I think Thabeet would show a lot of growth playing behind Perk.

Let's look at the numbers for the kings.

Carl Landry, expiring contract, 3M.

Von Wafer, expiring contract, 915K, Marquis Daniels, expiring contract 2.5M, total of 3.4M, + 1st round pick + cash !!!

The benefits to the kings are obvious, they are a cap conscious team, they gain 400K cap space, plus maybe 750K - 1M to enable them to buy-out M. Daniels (since he is injured), thereby he could be waived, without ever having to report. They acquire a SG in Wafer to back up Uldrih and Evans. They have publicly stated they are not going to resign Carl Landry due to the depth that they have in wings, (other players are already locked up to team friendly contracts).

So, what does this do for the celtics??? We acquire a PF in Landry, who is 27yr old, 6'9, 248, with career avg. (last two years) of 15 pts, 5.5 rb, 1 ast, with an expiring contract. Sound a little like Big Baby??? However, Landry has more offensive upside than baby and is athletic enough to play spot duty in the SF position. As he has an expiring contract ( like baby), I think we could get a team friendly contract done, mainly for the following  three reasons; first, he is from wisconsin, this would be his first chance to spend quality family time during the season, second he COULD provide the necessary bridge in the PF position between the time KG retired and the next great PF was drafted by the celtics. Third, who wouldn't want to have the chance to get to the playoffs as a celtic having endured the agony of playing for the kings? Von Wafer is certainly expendable, he is getting little minutes with us. The best part of trading Marquis Daniels is that if we provide some cash, then the kings will most likely buy-out Quis, allowing us to claim him in the hopes that he will be healthy come playoff time (that is why I cleared a roster spot by including Wafer in this deal). SWEET!!!

So, IF Boston made these trades here is what our roster would look like

STARTERS - perkins, kg, pierce, allen, rondo

RESERVES - shaq, thabeet,erden, landry,harangody, o.j. mayo, west,bradley,j o'neal (marquis OFF WAIVERS) 

Can you envision a future ( post 2nd big three era) of the following lineup: Perkins, Pierce, Landry, OJ Mayo, Rondo, with a bench of erden, harangody, thabeet, west, bradley, sims, gallop??? At that time these guys would have about 2 -3 yrs together and shoul be able to keep the celtics nation afloat. (we aren't going to get any keepers in the next 2 drafts)!!!

Ok, let me have it, tell me what you think, (not that ainge is gonna read this, LOL). GO GREEN!!!!!

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