Filling the void left by Maquis Daniels

The Celtics have been active on the trade market trying to make a deal before the deadline. Their biggest need, A small forward or a big guard. As far as I can see it, there are 4 ways to solve this:

1. Play Pierce and Allen on the spot having to give our 2 starters more minutes. Leaving at least one of the two in the game. Which i ussualy see the C's do when one is resting. Then, let Wafer spell out the remaining minutes at the spot.

2. The trade! As mentioned in most of the fanshots here. there are lot of possible trade scenarios for the team. But in my own opinion, i don't think the Celtics have much asset for a good deal. Well, let us leave this part as it was already much discussed by other posts. If they do get a trade, i hope C's won't give up much.

3. Free Agency. There's still service out there. Believe it or not. Players will be less effective than the player we could snag from the trade. But if we can't, here are some free agents we could sign.

Trenton Hassell

Jarvis Hayes

Larry Hughes

Michael Finley

Ricky Davis

Yakhouba Diawara

I think Hassell is the best shot here. C's need a good defender. Someone who could guard the Lebrons, Melos & Kobes. He may not offer much offense but it'll be OK. As I see it, offer any of this players a minimum for a chance to play for the championship ring is better than not being signed at all. Yet conditionning is a question for these players.

4. Call Up. There have been some D-league success stories over time. Maybe the team could create one. There a quite some names popping out for this scenario. here are a few players i think we could tap:

Ivan Johnson, Derrick Byars, Patrick Ewing Jr., DeShawn Sims, Garrett Temple, Jeff Adrien, Trey Johnson, Marcus Landry, Larry Owens.


Allen and Pierce needs to rest for the playoffs. they shouldn't play heavy minutes at this point unless they're in a close game. Whatever comes up this last few days, I do wish Boston will get a  player to replace Daniels' spot while he's out.

Please post your opinions below.

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