with all the trade talk. with all the stars moving. (sheldon williams, balkman, mozgof, eddie curry you know the names!!! i dont need to tell you) with every one coming up with crazy trade ideas. i thought to myself 'hey i like pizza" then i thought maybe i can come up with some celtic trades that would help!   soooooooo how about these trades.........

since denver gave up melo. that may push other teams to give up on there star and start the rebuild stage...

trade 1.)

atlanta gets nash, buddinger, dudley, frye.. and the basketball corpse named yao. (when does his name change to -the expiring cotract of... ?)

phx rebuilds with marvin williams, josh smith, semih, nate and avery bradley. i think they would add frye in to make the playoffs more entertaining if atlanta plays boston!!

houston gets JO with hopes he retires or they release and take the cap hit, bibby and j.crawford. all for yao and battier, so i would assume they would want a draft pick. and atleast they feel like they got something for yao. bibby knows that offense. crawford knows how to score, combined them with martin and brooks you have yourself a nice sounding law firm! ..i mean back court 4some

boston gives up the most number of players (4) and get the least in return (2) - pietrus, battier. that way if anyone gets paid to leave aka rip hamilton or!!  the return of the jedi named sheed!!!


trade 2.)

new orleans gets nate, baby semih, troy murphy, ross & graham plus some draft picks.. oh and 25 million in cap relief that way when they lose paul they can sell the team easily!

boston gets ariza aka the player you should say instead of saying james posey! he is the young version of james posey! and david west aka the player the celtics want baby to be! both step right into roles that fit them perfectly. ariza - play D and hit the outside shot. west - post moves, while hitting the jumper at the elbow. play decent d and we'll be ok. other than that dont get in the way of kg or pierce or allen. oh, and also dont slow down rondo and we'll be great!!

the nets get a tougher look to there team. okafor, thornton, JO... all for giving up a player that wasnt play (murphy) and 2 bench players.


3.) the nba retracts the following teams - minnesota twolves, new orleans hornets, la clippers, charlotte bobcats.. making it possible to have a mid season draft... (i think blake griffin and chris paul go to the first two teams!) followed by players like love, gordon, wallace, beasly, jackson, kaman, davis etc.. why not that has just as good of a chance as my other two trades!!

the point is..the likely hood of the trades we come up with ACTUALLY happening are really slim. the likely hood of the celtics trading for former players like leon powe, james posey is just as unlikely. they may sign pj brown and wiggles-worth-walker before they bring in posey and his contract. (any bet takers on that?)  involving 3-4 teams just makes it even more likely for it to not happen!!  i'm just as guilty of coming up with crazy trades but i understand at this point of the season its crazy for a team to make drastic changes. after the mid game point its clear what a team needs. and the celtics need health!

nate might move once d.west returns to get a sg/sf to play while daniels is out.

and that might involve a player like bradley or semih.

 but other then that this team is what its going to be. hopes of being healthy and a veteran team!

or more simply

a rondo fast ball moving offense with a kg Deffense.

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