"In our darkest hour" (in brightest day, in blackest night...)

"No matter how bad things get, there's always something good out there, just over the horizon" - Green Lantern.

"When I'm flying, I feel anything's possible." - Hal Jordan.    ("Anything's possible" - KG after winning in 2008.)


In light of the O'Neal's very fragile health, trading Perk seems like giving away that banner 18.  (Never mind the other 4, we can surely remain in the hunt for the championship even without them.) 

On the other hand, 3 equally-gifted, if not actually better big men, are out there in the horizon provided they get bought-out which is very likely.   They are Dalembert, Pryzbylla, & Murphy.

If we land even just 1 or 2 of these guys, then we will actually be a much bigger & better team since Perk has no offense at all.

It's like playing 4 versus 5 on offense with Perk which surely won't cut it against the much-improved East & most especially, against the Lakers who's big men can easily score!  (Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Artest.)

Of course, Perk is truly a "Dwight Howard neutralizer" but we don't worry about the Magic now, we need to worry about the Bulls, the revamped Knicks, & most especially, the Lakers!  (We don't worry about the Spurs because we beat them even without Perk.)

Overall, LA remains a very big problem for us if we have Perk as our center since he always cough-up the ball inside inspite of the good passes from his teamates especially Rondo.   Hence, Perk's bumbling offense greatly nullifies his defensive genius against teams like LA. 

With the Magic, we can always get-away with playing them 4 versus 5 on offense that Perk's defensive brilliance against Howard were greatly magnified!

But against LA, Perk's bumbling offense becomes a very big liability that we're ultimately better-off with Shaq or JO.

But since the O'Neal's health has been fragile, then adding either Dalembert, Pryzbylla, or Murphy will really help.  Besides, the playoffs is still far thus giving plenty more time for the O'Neals to heal.

In short, Danny's moves, as bone-headed as they may appear, were really geared for the playoffs where we can't be playing 4 versus 5 against extremely good teams.    

Kristic has better offense than Perk but we still will need 1 of the 3 (Dalembert, Murphy, or Joel) to compliment KG, BBD, & the O'Neals. 

And that's why both Harongody & Semih also had to go because our beloved C's are always in the hunt for the championship that most likely, 2 of these 3 will join us (either "rental" or long term) to finally win that elusive ring before their career is over.  And that's also why they are willing for a buy-out.

Trading Luke & Semih then opens up space for 2 of these 3 biggies whereas getting rid of Quis who's already out for the season anyway frees up space for someone like Rip Hamilton who also badly wants to win again & resuscitate his career.  (Our  C's then is the best place for him!)

To sum it up, there's truly something good out there (no matter how bad things seemingly gets), just over the horizon.

For sure, Danny has something more in the works prior to embarking on these "big gambles" or else, he would've not gambled at all.  

For sure too, loosing Perk (never mind the other 4) is not the end of the world by any means, it's not the end of our quest for banner 18!

On the contrary, it's only the beggining of our hunt for more banners with more free-agent vets possibly joining us next year & the upcoming years.  Perhaps guys like Vince, Grant Hill, & T-Mac next year, Tayshaun, Nash, Jamison, & Oden in 2012-13, & etc.

Just remember, as long as our beloved C's play, then "anything's possible."  (KG & Hal Jordan.)





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