The quest for banner 18 continues ...

After the trade deadline yesterday we must keep in mind the season still continues and the C's goal is still to win banner 18 this year.

Losing Perk at the trade deadline was tough and I am still in a state of shock he is no longer a Celtic and that the big 5 have been broken up.
I also hated losing Erden, since I think he was a talented big with alot of promise.

But we can not dwell in the past and must move on as the C’s move into the latter part of the season and towards the playoffs in a  hunt for a championship.

The question now is, after Danny moves at the trade deadline and the pending moves he will likely make in upcoming days and weeks by acquiring players via buyout have the C’s improved there roster talent and there chances to win a title this year.

Here's my take:

I think Green is no doubt a upgrade over Daniels as the C’s  now have acquired a long, strong athletic back up 3 to play behind Pierce (which I am so happy about and have wanted to see the C’s acquire ever since Posey left Boston)  and he is also player who will offer the C’s alot of versatility since he play at the 3 and also 4 positions.

I think Krstic is no doubt a upgrade over Erden in the short term as a back up 3rd string center when Shaq and hopefully J.O. return and is more then serviceable
He is a decent offensive big man, though he does not have great defensive skills and is not a great rebounder he does have  size, length, is healthy and will be able to throw 6 fouls at opposing centers.

The C’s did suffer a big loss with Perk being traded away on the defense end of the court in the paint, but  “IF" (thats a big if, that's why I typed it in caps   Shaq and J.O. can get healthy and stay healthy, they would both be basically teaming up to replace Perk and since they are both pretty solid defensive players I think they would not be too much of a drop off or big net loss defensively (compared to Perk) and I think on the plus the Oneal center duo would be a big net plus offensively (compared to Perk) since they are better scoring big men then Perk is.

Now if Danny can also add a few more pieces with the remaining 3 roster spots like:
Maybe sign 2 more bigs like Murphy  and a legit low post defending center like Camby or Dalembert  and add a versatile back up wing player who can play both the 2 & 3 positions it would add more size and depth to the team.

If all  the above happens I think the C's could be a more talented and stronger team heading toward the playoffs and could have a better shot at winning banner 18 then they would of compared to the team they had prior to the trade deadline.

Anyone agree or disagree?

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