ALL JAZZED UP


Early foul trouble started the Cs night

As if we were already on our return flight.

Delonte is out, an ankle sprain,

Injuries have become a seriously huge drain.


Rondo blows by Harris, then Harris does it back,

It is not energy that these guys lack.

Ray Allen for three...for three...for three,

That UConn man a beautiful sight to see!


Rondo wonders about Krstic, what he can do

So he sends him an alley-oop, at the hoop right through.

Wafer, Bradley, Baby, Krstic, Green, 

This is a group the world's never seen.


Bradley scores, then he scores again,

He is learning to play with the veteran men.

Q2 Cs played loose, Utah made their move,

They started to play, the Cs lost their groove.


Q2 ends, the Cs are up three,

Three Cs in double figures, one surprise you'll agree, 

Of course there was Pierce, and, you could guess, Ray,

The third was Krstic, that guy can play!


There was a big moment part way through Q3

When his 23,000th point was scored by KG.

Both teams are just running up and down the floor, 

Neither team playing defense to prevent a score.


Millsap runs over Baby, 43rd charge of the year,

After his early questions, Baby's role is now clear.

The Cs are up by four at the end of Q3

The starters in double figures, as it should be.


Q4 is painful, trading hoops, that's all,

This is not really Cs basketball.

Halfway through the Cs are up one,

Watching this game is not that much fun.


What a night for KG, his legacy resounds, 

He is third all-time in defensive rebounds.

Ray Allen for three...and again for three...

Did I mention he is a beautiful sight to see?


The whole second half no score Captain P

Til under two minutes Pierce for three!

On the road trip out west we are 3 and 1

(The Denver game on trade day should not have been done).


How much longer must this be said, 

Ray, with 5 threes, is now 14 ahead.



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