How am I injured, let me count the ways....

We started the pre-season short two men- Avery Bradley was out until a number of games into the season [ and is now in D-league anyway ].

Kendrick Perkins has been out all season and just returned [ thank heavens ] a few games ago, and is still not 100%.

 Rajon Rondo has been out for a number of games, with assorted injuries, and is still not 100%.

 Kevin Garnett has been out for a good number of games, owing to his leg injury.

 Jermaine O'Neal has been in and out , mostly out, of the lineup all season [ and after his latest surgery, who knows when, or if, he'll be back ? ].

 Shaquille O'Neal has been in and out of the lineup for a good part of the season, and is currently out. [ When he'll be back, nobody knows }.

 Delonte West managed to last 5 games into the season, before breaking his wrist, and is still out.

 Semih Erden has had his share of aches and pains, and is in need of shoulder surgery at some point. [ and although being out for some games, has managed to soldier on ]

 Now Marquis Daniels is down for the count for at least a month [ hopefully, not more ].


 In spite of having injuries to sixty percent of  the squad, this team is standing at an unbelieveable 38-12, with the best record in the Eastern Conference, and second best overall record.

 This had been one incredible team effort, for almost the entire season [ I always excuse the 2nd game of a back to back, particularly when travel is involved , or the forgettable ones that should never be in any team's schedule - Phoenix, e.g. ]

 Try to imagine what this team has been going through, and in spite of that, has been playing at a winning clip that is well over 75%.

 Try to imagine how this Celtics team would have waltzed its way through every team in the league, had we had a completely healthy line up for any length of time.

 Be proud, Celtics fans, and be believers. The best is yet to come  [ some good health provided, of course ] - Banner NO. 18



Lionel Gaffen / Fotomix.


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