What are the Celtics chances to finish the regular season on a high note?

Up until now, the Celtics schedule has not been too favorable for an aging club, with a load of Back to Back games over the opening months. I won't recount them, as we know how many of them have ended- not well.

As has been said on numerous occasions, not only by myself, but also including a specific post that I wrote last year about the problem with back to back games, and how the travel affects the team adversely, it's no wonder the success rate runs in the negative column when looking at past games.

When we factor in the injury rate, and the number of Celtics that are, and have been, out of action over this last period, it's amazing that we are where we rate in the standings today.


Can we maintain the momentum? 

I decided to check out the rest of the schedule for the year, and discovered what appears to be either a horror story, or a comedy of errors. If any other team has such a rotten schedule,  I wish them luck with it.

I specifically included the word travel to denote where after one away game, the team has to travel to another locale for the 2nd game of the back to back.



 February:The easiest month for the Cs with just one back to back [ for clarification purposes, we'll call them B to B s ] and we've already seen how that ended.

  Three more games before the All Star break, [ when much of the team will be participating - 4 of the starting 5, so not much rest for the weary ].

 The last 4 games of the month are a road trip out west, immediately following the break.


March : " Beware the Ides of March "- no truer words were ever spoken.

 This is a sixteen game month, no less, with four B to Bs leading into April.

  13-14- B to B  with travel; 18-19- B to B w/ travel- both away ; 27-28 B to B w/ travel- both away; 31-01 B to B w/ travel- both away.


 April: 8 games remaining on the schedule- 7, as one was played on the 1st day- April Fools everyone.

  This leaves us with another pair of B to Bs.

 7-8- B to B w/ travel; 10-11 B to B both away w/ travel, which means 4 games in five nights, including 2 B to Bs.

Given the current roster, [ and the forthcoming schedule ] where the only players still standing seem to be the starting five [ barely ], and having a decimated bench for much of the season, what are the odds of our Cs finishing at or near the top of at least the Eastern Conference?


Will Danny Ainge be looking for some help in the coming weeks?


What say you? 



 Lionel Gaffen / Fotomix.

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