Celtics Home Game Media Needs Updating

Have you been to a Celtics home game in the past 3 years? 

Then you are certainly able to sympathize with my complaint.  Welcome to the Jungle.  Shipping Up To Boston.  Thunder Struck.  Enter Sandman.  REPEAT AD NAUSEUM.  I went to a Celtics game this January and literally heard each of those songs more than once.

I can't even imagine the season ticket holders who literally hear the same crap 41 nights of the year.  Who is making these media decisions?  Do they care at all about what actually works??  Who in their right mind gets excited to hear the same things over and over and .......zzzzzzzz.


So what would work better?

Here are my recommended 3 steps for the in-house Celtics production team:

1. If you insist on keeping the 4 songs mentioned above - adhere strictly to the rule of ONLY PLAYING THEM ONCE PER GAME.

2. Gather new songs.  My suggestions include: "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys, "The Final Countdown" by Europe, "You Can Hate Me Now" by Nas, "X Gonna Give It To Ya" by DMX, (ADD SUGGESTIONS IN COMMENTS)

3. Gather new video and images.  Take advantage of youtube and simple editing software.  It's all out there for you to use - think about what teams are coming to town and actually plan ahead.  Use things that make fun of the stars on the other teams - SNL's "THE RAPISTS" Jeopardy skit for Kobe, "The King of Queens" picture for Lebron with Wade and Bosh photoshopped in.  YOU GET THE IDEA.

Also use video/images that's great for our guys: "You can't handle THE TRUTH" for Paul Pierce, Jesus Shuttlesworth's "And then you say WHAT" and the first 8 seconds of Ray vs. Denzel for Ray Allen, and play this whenever Rondo "dishes" an assist.  YOU GET THE IDEA.


This shouldn't be that hard.

Have fun with it and be a little bit creative - PLEASE.  The crowd is tired of the jumbotron begging them to get on their feet again for Guns and Roses' guitar riff.

Add suggestions in the comments for great songs, videos, and/or images that may or may not require photoshopping.


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