Celtics Get Too Much Credit?

We like to think our team knows what it's doing. We believe that there's a plan behind every move, all carefully calculated to achieve maximum success. I'm afraid that's just not so. I'm afraid they jump from crisis to crisis, putting out fires, all the while PRAYING that what they're doing will work out. No plans, not much credit due (for that, anyway).

You'd think that the team would look at a player like Quis and PLAN AHEAD for the possibility that he might get injured. (It's not like that would be something new for him.) You'd think.

The reality: there were no plans, and they are now scrambling to fill the obvious giant hole in the roster.

You'd think that Doc would recognize how absolutely VITAL Rondo is to this team, and would therefore do everything in his power to prevent (further) injury to RR. You'd think. Nope, again. Doc says he asked Rondo to INCREASE his inside aggression and get at least 10 FTs per game. That sounds just fine as a basketball move, but utterly CRAZY when you remember how Rondo ends up on the floor after absorbing most NBA fouls, and that every foul is another heightened injury risk for Rondo.

In case you think that's ok, remember that this team almost certainly CANNOT win a championship this year without Rondo.

You'd think that Doc, in his function as 'coach,' would try to stop KG from earning techs, unnecessary fouls, and bad PR (for fear the bad PR will affect the refs). Nope. Doc said recently, "Kevin has done nothing wrong," and that his critics would love to have KG on their teams (completely irrelevant, btw), etc. "Nothing wrong??" Wow.

You'd think that, having brought Avery back from DL, Doc would use him to try to stop Shaun Livingston after watching him shoot over Nate like he wasn't there. Nope. Avery warmed the bench as the team lost that game.

I used to think that the 09-10 season was PLANNED by Doc and Danny, as a way of preserving the team's health in the regular season so that they could make their run in the playoffs. I actually lauded them for being so clever. Uhhh... maybe not. Maybe.... it all.... just... happened. And Doc was more witness than architect.

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