"Has the C's flipped-off the switch?" (Looking at the bigger picture.)



The regular season is just way too long for an aging veteran team that losses against bad-to-mediocre teams are inevitable sooner or later especially since we're not 100% healthy.

Yeah, this may sound like a broken record or a "lame excuse" (as to what some people say) but that's the whole darn truth - we're not healthy all year long yet we still have a very good record!

Moreover, we're a BIG DOG & thus, young but mediocre NBA teams really gears-up for us as that's their only way to look good. 

But come the playoffs, it's the veteran teams that always prevail! 



Playoff picture:

By the way things are now looking, the Lakers will only lose 2-3 games at the most with their remaining schedule while we can lose as many as 8 games with our remaining sked.  In short, they will pass us over! 

The same goes with Chicago & Miami, they will most likely pass us over too that we'll end-up with the 3rd seed in the East.

Still, it's nothing to worry about since this year's Boston team is much deeper, bigger, & BETTER than last year's team which had the low 4th seed, yet still made it to the Finals!

As long as we're healthy come the playoffs, then we'll be better than the rest but it will be another close fight with LA!  (Yes, it will be them over San Antonio, Dallas, or OKC as none of these 3 teams can really beat LA.)



The 2nd or 3rd seed for Boston :

Looking at the bigger picture, it will be good (in a way) not to get the top seed in the East because it lessens our chance of meeting Dwight in the playoffs.

It's like, if we really want Dwight to come to Boston in 2012...

...then maybe it will help a bit not to bang-up with him this year or next year so as to lessen his resentment towards us.  

The way the seeding looks, Orlando's safe at 4 while Atlanta will most likely get 5.  Orlando then will easily beat Atlanta just like last year.

If Chicago gets #1, it will then face Orlando in the 2nd round which Chicago's favored to win.

We, in turn, will meet Chicago in the Eastern finals after beating Miami which is quite likely as long as we're healthy.


In conclusion:

Overall, it may sound quite ridiculous to avoid Dwight.   But in reality... 

...would we rather see him go to LA (when he becomes a free agent) because we kept banging him up this year & next year's playoffs that he never considers going to Boston?

Celtic Nation will surely need someone of his caliber post-Big 3 or in 2012, when the Big 3 only has a good 2 years left in them.

For sure, LA will still be a championship team for years to come since Kobe's not that old while Gasol/Bynum are relatively young while we'll only have Rondo.

But if we land Dwight in 2012, then we'll have a fighting chance against a very formidable LA team for years to come.  






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