Why the #1 seed is not as important as it seems


Are you really worried about the C's not getting the #1 seed in the East?

Well I've got some observations for you....

Lets face it... The EC Play-offs is not going to be easy no matter what seed, but getting the #2 seed might be a easier route match-up wise.. getting the #2 seed, we wont have to face Howard and the Magic until the ECF (if they're to get that far) which is bascically the new fear of the EAST for the Celtics now that Perk is gone, and neither O'neal is healthy... But both seeds have an equal amount of difficulty, only difference is Home-Court, but if Chicago is to loose to Orlando in the 2nd round (Which is highly possible) we still have Home court all the way through...

Lets break it down by seeds... If we get the #1 we would play

1st round - Indiana

2nd Round - Orlando

3rd Round - Chicago

That is of course with no upsets... BUT, I believe Miami could beat Chicago, but I also believe New York could beat Miami, which could make the ECF look a little bit easier if Miami is to beat Chicago.... Now did you notice we play Orlando in the 2nd round, and giving up Perk made them alot scarier, especially if neither O'neal can get back and stay (Which I seriously doubt) BUT Orlando only got 1 BIG man, at least we got a few with-out the O'neals, but thats where FOUL trouble becomes an issue, our BIGS cannot compete with Howard unless its JO or Shaq, and sometimes KG.... But that series is very winnable, its just not as attractive on paper to play a 2nd round..

If we get the #2 seed we would play:

1st Round - Philidelphia

2nd Round - Miami

3rd Round - Chicago

Now with this #2 seed, Philly is sweepable, Miami is winnable in 5-6 games, and Chicago is also beatable in 5-6 games, but I believe Orlando can beat Chicago paper wise, given their depth at the 2 and 3.... If their defense get rolling and Howard can stay on the court Orlando can beat Chicago which would make the ECF more attractive, also, again I believe New York can beat Miami, so that makes the 2nd round sweepable, because New York has no defense at all, and they match-up poorly with us... & its weird that they can hang with Miami, and the reason being, is because Miami play at the Pace NEw York want you to play, No Half Court Defense, and with Chauncey there now, Carmelo can handle his with Bron, and Amar'e will dominate Bosh, put Chauncey on Wade, that makes New York scary for Miami, because New York got something Miami dont, and thats depth. so I think paper wise, getting the 2 seed might be easier, and I believe Doc knows that which is why he's not too worried about the #1 seed, if we get it, we get it, but its just a bonus not a neccesity, we can do without... there's not a team in the EAST that can beat the Celtics when the Celtics are playing Celtic ball, so to say that the #1 seed isnt as important as it seems, would be an understatement, we just need to stay ahead of Dallas, LA, and OKC, cause San Antonio is not beating LA, or Dallas in a 7-game series... which mens we still have home-court in the FINALS... So again getting the #1 seed is overrated this year, because the EC Play-Offs is not going to be a rollover for nobody... but there aint one team playing with more of a purpose than Boston, and if you mix that with their Experience and depth, Banner 18 will be here in no-time TeamCeltics

Your thoughts?

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