When asked about the new guys Doc's answer was wise,

That he quoted the Kenyan motto is not really a surprise.

First it was "Ubuntu" which still carries the Cs far,

"I am who I am because we are who we are."


The added Cs mantra is easier to say,

"All pull together" --that's "harambee."

On many levels this is the late season key,

As the Cs unite, Celtics Ball we will see.


Q1 Rondo is penetrating, KG looks fierce,

Though that adjective's usually reserved for Pierce.

Lowry scored lots early, even stopped an alley-oop

Turns out it was the last one we'd see from this group.


The Rockets are focused, seen in Q1 score,

The Cs must keep up while they run the floor.

Solid defense is needed, with offense in the mix.

At the end of Q1 it's the Rockets by six.


Q2 starts with Baby, playing with Green,

Here's an interesting stat recently seen:

In field goal attempts in the league the Cs last

Bet they're on top in number of times the ball's passed.


Q2 from the perimeter it was the Rockets' show,

Lowry and Martin the Cs couldn't slow.

Double tech, then one on Baby, he was thrown to the floor.

Credit Hill for physical play, but officiating was poor.


At the half the Rockets are up by twenty-two

There are so many things the Cs must do.

Q3 starts off rough for our Green boys, 

In this half the Cs must regain their poise.


The lead just keeps mounting, the Cs out of synch,

Rockets can win the game because that's what they think.

Threes rain from all over, at the end of Q3

The Rockets by twenty-five in a game hard to see.


Three starters in single figures, the others 11 and 10

Most shots taken by Rondo, that makes sense? Since when?

Considering the focus the Cs seem to lack. 

Can't help but be worried about this current back to back.


Under thirty minutes for the starting five, 

Expect in tomorrow's game they'll be more alive.

What's wrong with this picture, a very odd game,

When Bradley's and Rondo's points are just the same?


Gotta love Baby's hustle, as into the crowd he fell,

It's a struggle to figure out what else was done well.

A game like this fills avid fans with sorrow,

The Cs will think "harambee" hopefully starting tomorrow.


No threes for Ray so it must be said, 

Of Reggie Ray is still 35 ahead.

March 18, 2011     10:56pm

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