Once again the Cs were looking out of synch,

Devoted fans don't know what to think.

When the players are asked, calm they seem,

But what has happened to our defensive team?


61% shooting, a 21-6 run,

That's how the Hornets ended Q1.

New Orleans at the buzzer so many a shot,

The Hornets' offense just continued to stay hot.


Q2 the bench tried to bring some verve,

Baby and our DWest showed they had nerve.

As aside that seems important here:

Baby was a football star, LSU, junior year.


At the end of Q2 some things are clear, 

The Cs are settling for jumpers not going in here.

48% shooting but no defense at all,

They start to press, it becomes hero ball.


The Cs are down 11 at the end of Q2.

Keeping the lead not that hard for Hornets to do.

Their DWest led in points, Chris Paul's assists ten,

Rondo (?) the scoring leader for our Boston men.


Doc upset with Belinelli's shots, many threes,

There is no one on him, he is shooting with ease.

Q3 Ray Allen for three, and for three!

Always a beautiful sight to see.


Every time Baby tried to make a play, 

The refs would call a foul, never his way.

But it didn't stop him, he continued to score, 

And jutted out his jaw more and more.


Green with great energy goes right to the hoop

Q3 seeing some heart from this Celtics group.

Our DWest starts to feel it, he burns Chris Paul,

Think he did it on his own, not Doc's call.


27-13 Cs outscore 'em in the third, 

They take a 3 point lead, "defense" is the word.

Plus Ray, our DWest and Baby got it going

The urgent need to win is finally showing!


Our DWest starts Q4 with a block at one end,

Then his three point play the Hornets can't defend.

Baby owns the defensive glass, has energized the team,

The bench has kept the Cs in this game it would seem.


Rondo got hurt some time in Q3,

When he collided hard with his own guy, KG.

So our DWest has been running the show,

With Ray, showing off the give and go.


Something unusual, six left in Q4,

Neither Pierce nor Paul have a field goal score.

Then five and a half left, Paul Pierce for three

Another beautiful sight to see!!


Thanks, Mr. Heinsohn, saying refs out to lunch,

Chintzy fouls on the Cs, they called a bunch.

At the end of Q4 Doc had Rondo not DWest

For team morale though DWest was best.


20 seconds to go, a rebound by Ray,

Pierce got mugged, no foul his way.

Then Ray shoved around, think a foul, maybe?

But, of course, the Hornets rather foul Big Baby.


He made both free throws, tonight he's the man,

Love to see him play like this-we know he can.

Fifteen down, Cs win, officiating couldn't be worse

And the Cs have shaken off that back to back curse.


Ray had threes tonight, so it must be said, 

Of Reggie Ray is now 37 ahead.

March 19, 2011    10:38pm



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