"Celtics prediction 2013" (championship hunt v. sentimentality).

A) Intro:


It's Feb. 2013, the NBA trading deadline is getting near.

Deron Wiliams is in the final year of his contract worth $17.8, having taken the "player option" with the Nets for the 2013 season.  

After the lock-out & shortened 2012 season, player salaries are now much lower & thus, Deron took that $17.8 mil. "player option" for 2013 eventhough he really doesn't like the Nets because he wants to play for a contender. 

But money talks & that's why he's hanging-out with the Nets till this year [2013].


 B) The Prediction.

Of course, this is just a prediction [projection] but it's safe to assume that by next year, the Nets will still be a very bad team once the shortened season starts.   

The same goes for the following year [2013] because rebuilding does takes time that the Nets will still be terrible!  

Now given Deron's competetive nature, it's safe to assume that he will not sign a new contract offered by the lowly Nets, he will simply finish his massive contract till 2013, then become a free agent so that he can sign with a contender.  

With New Jersey not wanting to loose him for nothing, they will then entertain offers for Deron come Feb. 2013 trading deadline.  

In comes the ever-opportunistic & cunning Danny Ainge with a trade proposal.


C) Danny's offer.  

With a group of aged vets (who has given him back to back championships!) yet a desire to remain competetive for years to come let alone shed some huge salaries in order to be competetive in the upcoming free agency, Danny boy is looking to move some players.

And given Danny's record, no one is truly "untouchable" perhaps except KG who still contributes at 37 & to lesser degrees, 38 year old Ray Allen

Given the two aged player's "mid-level" contract (down to $3-4 mil./yr. by then) which they both signed for 2 years after the shortened 2012 season, Ray & KG are still a bargain at their age!  

And so, Danny offers Rondo & Pierce ($27 mil. combined!) plus a couple of future draft picks for Deron's $17.8 mil., & a couple of Nets players with expiring contracts combined for $10 mil.

Now that evens-out the numbers!  


D) Why Rondo & Pierce?

In Rondo, NJ gets someone of GREAT value rather than loose Deron for nothing!   

In Pierce, NJ gets someone of value either for another trade, or to simply buy him out the next year as Paul wouldn't sacrifice so much money if he agrees to a buy out right-away.

Indeed, NJ takes Pierce too in order to make the numbers work & obtain someone as good as Rondo rather than totally loose Deron for nothing! 

In Rondo, NJ can rebuild versus totally loosing D-Wil without compensation.  

Will this offer be palatable to Celtic Nation just as to how the beloved Perkins was traded?   


E) Danny's rationale for this unpopular trade. 

In the back of Danny's mind, he thinks: "I hate to loose both Pierce & Rondo but my core is really aged, I need to have a PG who's as dynamic as Rajon but can also score at will since KG & Ray are now really old."  

"Besides, getting Deron will make Boston a whole lot more attractive for the upcoming free agents (does Dwight Howard ring a bell?)...

...while getting rid of Pierce's massive contract will allow me to sign both Deron & Dwight (or whoever that  superstar free-agent will be) in the off season."

"Moreover, I still will have KG & Ray next season [2014] on the last year of their MLE contracts." 

"That Big 4 then is championship material to go along a decent supporting cast."  

"Heck, Deron & Dwight (or which-ever free agent it will be) are championship material for years to come even after KG & Ray retires."  

"Who knows, Paul might opt for a buy-out & rejoin us either this year [2013] or next year [2014] & Celtic Nation will be happy again!"   


F) Reality check.

Is this scenario palatable & possible for Celtic Nation?   

Well, first of all, Dwight is really bent in going to Hollywood but of course he will not say that point blank.

Rather, he will sound-off with all sorts of  "disappointing reasons" regarding the Magic's play of late sort of to ease-out the Magic Kingdom's fear of his impending departure.

Now that's the unfortunate reality that we Celtic Nation has to deal with all the time versus the Lakers

Superstars in their prime always wants to go H'wood while all we get are former All-Stars in the twilight of their career hoping to earn a ring before it's all over. 

Hence, don't get too high on Howard, Danny may have to opt for someone else.

But given our GM's cunnning but wisdom-full ways, "anything's possible" & that includes possibly moving Rajon & Paul's huge contracts come 2013!  

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