First off let me say that this was the first game we've played against a top team since the Trade... Which serves its own importance, and we got to see what our NEW guys can do against a good team, and they didnt dissapoint, (Well at least the ones that played) also Rondo is "Kinda" back... We'll get to that later


The Hornets are one of the better defensive teams in this league, they have one of the greatest point guards in the league, and they have all around talent, through and out their roster... This is a team that could very well be a contender, they're 1 lockdown defender, or BIG man away...


Going into this game, I had no idea how the C's were going to respond, but I will say the way this game started out, I was supposed to be prepared for that... I told myself this morning, Im prepared for a C's loss, but Im hoping for a win, but the way we started out, I was literally in TEARS!!! Yess TEARS!!!! But I was supposed to be prepared for this right? Well I couldnt take it no more...


All that was going through my head was "What is really wrong with my Celtics?" I couldnt understand, I grabed my head, I asked God, "What is wrong with them?" For a minute I was thinking, this team just dont like each other right now, they just wanna get away from each other ASAP... There wasnt no communicating, they were'nt high fiving in time-outs, nothing... It was a problem I couldnt quite grasp watching the TV, I just wanted an answer... and after Bellineli hit 3 after 3, I was like Oh My God!!! Are you kidding me? These guys couldnt sustain momentum for more than a minute, that was frustrating, cause these guys were working their butts off on defense, but our offense was stagnant, just couldnt get nothing accomplished.. Very emotional, and frustrating first half.


From the start the Celtic defense was really good, but they just couldnt seem to play the full 24 second shot clock... Alot of the hornets shots went in on Buzzer beaters, and that was killing us.. Because we couldnt do nothing offensively... The C's came out sworming on defense, including Rondo, but they just wasnt quite there offensively... everybody, but KG was standing still not moving, nobody ever paid any attention to Rondo.. Krstic looked lost as if he was wondering what he was going to eat tonight, so all I could think was, "what is wrong with my team?" It got so bad that I even said, I wouldnt mind if Doc quits tonight, to get something to go through their heads, cause I could only imagine how he felt on that bench... he was searching for energy from somewhere, anywhere... But going in to halftime with an 11-point deficit, I actually felt comfortable, never did I think we would actually make the comeback, but 11-point deficit looks way better than a 16 point deficit at the half... Especially when it feels like you should be down by 30


Then Here goes the third quarter, for the first few minutes, the C's still couldnt sustain momentum for very long, but somehow the collision with Rondo and KG, sparked this team to go crazy, the Celtics went crazy, this whole year, I've never seen them so angry, and frustrated, and from what I saw it looks like Ray went in the huddle and said, "Look, we need to get our head together, and put our foot in their mouth, there's no fucking way we should be getting our asses kicked the way we are, everybody ride my shoulder, contribute where you can, and lets kick they ass the Celtic way!" Hey and it worked, and Ray took charge.. Usually when the C's play sworming defense, its cause they're energized, and want to put in the effort, but tonight it was different, it was almost as if they were forced to play the way they did, I believe they were truly embarrassed, and came out angry, and they took all their anger out on these Hornets... It was the absolute best way to redeem yourself from a 15-point deficit, and a blowout from Houston last night.. When you see Doc Rivers punching the air, you know that you look pretty damn good. By the way Doc only used 8 men tonight, which means they were forced to have energy and respond the way veterans do..


Analysis: Rondo looked a whole lot better today, it dont show much in the stat sheet, but he was in command of our offense that got us to 52% shooting tonight, he along with West.. Also played fairly well on Paul, but Paul quietly got 15 assists tonight, honestly, I only seen maybe 9-11 but hey, #'s dont lie, but Rondo looked good before he collided with KG, glad he was more aggressive offensively today too...

This is the 3rd time the Bench has played well in as many nights, they brought us back against Indiana, and did so again tonight, again, this is one of the better 2nd units in the league once the Chemistry gets going...

This was probably a display of your play-off rotation, throw in Shaq, JO, and Von or Sasha and there goes the 12-man rotation

Who said our defense has slipped? Didnt see a lick of that today, again most all NOLA's shots in the first half were buzzer beater's, and they were highly contested, hels them to 46% shooting, and only 85 points, pretty good for a team that "dont play D" huh?

The refs in this game was horrible, and thats what gives this game another level of significance, they battled the comeback, with the refs letting the Hornets kick our ass physically...

We have now reclaimed the top spot in the Eastern Conference, we're now 49-19, 1 win less than as many as we had all last year

Delonte West gets better by the night, he along with Baby, and Green

This marked the BIGGEST comeback of the season, previous was 13 points against Clippers

We can all exhale, at least for now....

Great win #TeamCeltics

To me, this is easily the best win of the season, this game served so much importance to both teams, and its good to see us come out on the WINNING side...

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