Player Power Rankings

This weeks opponents

1. Sunday - Milwaukee Bucks - Win

2. Monday - New Jersey Nets - Loss

3. Wednesday - Indiana Pacers - Win

4. Friday - Houston Rockets - Loss

5. New Orleans Hornets - Win

Record: 3-2

This has been an up and down week for the Celtics, after a rough week, lets rank our players from best to worst for this week... These guys were ranked according to their accountability, and expectations, not stats, or favorites...


1.  Kevin Garnett - Kevin has continued to be imminent on the defensive end this week... His intensity has led the C's to a 3-2 week, including a record breaking defensive performance against the Bucks on Sunday who we held to only 56 points... This week our opponents have averaged only 85 points... Great Work this week KG


2. Ray Allen - It seems like everytime we needed a timely basket this week, Ray was there to the rescue, Ray has been on fire from the field, arguably his best season shooting, but what kills me is how he always seems to hit BIG 3's, and he hit a few of them last night, and Wednesday vs. the Pacers, good week For Ray..


3. Paul Pierce - Now I know Paul has had a rough week, but the good thing about our captain, is he can have a bad night, and still look good, because when he's not on, he's always going to give the game what it needs.. whether thats rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, or points, he's always going to show up in some way, shape, form, or fashion. Overall this is a week for him to forget about, but he's still captain


4. Glen Davis - Since returning from the knee injury, Glen Davis has been on fire, he's scored in double figures in 4 of 5 games, he's rebounded, he's brought energy, and he contributed greatly to wins over the Pacers and Hornets, This was a fantastic week for Glen Davis!!!


5. Jeff Green -  Jeff Green has not dissapointed coming off the bench, he's been that scoring punch we've been needing from the bench, he runs the floor, he rebounds, he defends, and most of all, he's smart with the ball.. Its a joy to watch him wear Celtic Green, and he has a bright future in Green if he continues to do  what he's been doing.. Great week for Jeff


6. Rajon Rondo - We had to know it would come at some time, we just hate that it happened now, but Rondo is in a slump. By faith we believe he will get through, the real question is when? He showed signs on Wednesday and Saturday that he's starting to figure it out, but he hasnt quite made it all the way back. I expect to see something close to the Rondo we've all been acustomed to sometime this week, maybe tomorrow vs. Knicks. Overall, a week to forget about for Rondo.


7. Delonte West - dont look to far into why Delonte West is so low, cause I know he had a good week, but Delonte only played 3 games, and only 2 of them were good games, actually, 2 of them were GREAT games, but you have to credit Rondo for going out there playing through this slump, and injuries, and still we had a winning week, so West could be sneaking up the Power Rankings here this week... GREAT Week from Delonte West


8. Nenad Krstic - Besides his double-double on Sunday vs. the Bucks, Krstic has been inviscible, he hasnt neccesarily been on point this week, his hustle though has kept him in a lot of games, again, this is a week for him to forget about


9. Carlos Arroyo - We've all got to be happy with what Arroyo brings to the table, he's calm, he knows his role, he hits open shots, he sets the court, and most surprisingly, he plays pretty good defense, Arroyo playing time got cut with the return of West, but he has still relished with his role... Good week for Arroyo


10. Troy Murphy  - I was beginning to think we'll never see this guy score in a green uniform, he of all the New Guys has been the BIGGEST dissapointment, but he did step up this week, and produced solid minutes, but he just isnt there yet... Overall an OK week for Troy


11. Sasha Pavlovic - Anytime he's on the court is a bonus, he defends, he shoots, and he's smart... His defense at points this week has been awsome, the reason he's so low is the lack of playing time, but with more time, I think he could excell, He also looked good this week


12. Avery Bradley - Poor Avery... its hard to give this guy a Rank because he hardly plays, but when he do play, he's one of the better defending point guards I've ever seen, OK week for Bradley

The return of Shaq, Von and JO are returns we are waiting for, lets hope Shaq can be in next weeks rankings, given he could return anytime now... Thanks for reading, leave your thoughts, and tune in next week for more Rankings, have a good day Team Celtics!!!! And lets hope for a better week this week.

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