"Is Philly intentionally lossing some games now in order to face Boston in the playoff's 1st round?"


The 8th seed is locked-up for Indiana or Charlotte while the 1st seed is still contested by Chicago & our beloved C's.

And though the 6th & 7th seed appears to be fluid, the reality is...

...NY is poised for the 7th seed because of their disastrous coach & not the team itself which has immense talents.

Meaning, NY is really better than their record, it's just that they unfortunately have a terrible coach in the ranks of Paul Westpaul & Paul Westhead.

All 3 coaches ultimately wastes their talented team because unlike the Showtime Lakers, 80's Celtics, & 90's Bulls who's offensive tactics were flawlessly orchestrated by their brilliant coaches...

...D'Antoni (like Westpaul & Westhead) strictly relies on +47 minutes of "run & gun," purely chaotic & "no direction, no set play" offense hoping to win a game in the last minute or seconds.

In short, these 3 guys can't really coach!

And so, Philly can really clinch the 6th seed but are they deliberately lossing some games with the intent to play Boston in round 1?

Meaning, if Chicago is close to getting #1 by season's end, then the Sixers can lose some games in order to get the 7th seed & play #2 Boston instead of locking-up the 6th seed now in the light of the faltering Knicks who they can leave behind in the ranking.

Ultimately, Doug Collins thinks Boston is the easier opponent because of our age & injuries, he doesn't want to play the young, healthy, & talented Bulls.

And though there's no proof to this claim, just look at the preparation they make before playing us.

For instance, early in the season, they had a back-to-back game but decided to be not competetive in the first game (& got blown by the Bulls for 40 points) in order to be well-rested & win against us which they almost did! That riled KG up!

How about their other competetive games against us?

They really want aging Boston than the other top Eastern teams!

Chances are, they will stay very close to NY instead of leaving them behind now & locking-up the 6th seed.

And when there's 2-3 games left in the season with Chicago appearing to get the top seed, the Sixers will purposely drop to #7 to face us.



To all my fellow Celtic-lovers who are now either blaming the new guys or our starters for the recent slide, just CHILL-OUT!!!

We will be fine come playoff time even if we don't get homecourt versus the Bulls, Spurs, & LA.

Just have faith, we're a much DEEPER team now than last year.

The only time to start worrying-out loud & byatching big-time is when the playoff starts with the O'Neals still not available.

But for now, let's just chill-out & accept the fact that we may indeed lose a lot more games till season's end.

Just keep cheering & suporting till then. ("Thru thick or thin," as the old saying goes.)

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