"Is homecourt advantage really something to sweat about?"

For the C's fans who worries too much about the homecourt especially against LA...


Quit worrying because they really will get homecourt advantage over us given their easy schedule the rest of the regular season.


Heck, might as well rout for them to get it since they're on their way to getting it instead of fearing them.


But why rout for them?


Because nothing is sweeter than beating them in Staples on Game 6 or 7 this June & get back on those Faker fans who taunted our beloved C's [especially KG] after Game 7.


And though Fakers fans will say "you're dreaming," the truth is...


...we're so much BIGGER, STRONGER, DEEPER, & overall BETTER than last year that we can really win it in LA as long as we're healthy.




Now who did the Lakers add this year?


Haven't heard much about Barnes & Ratliff while Steve Blake is really just a minor addition.


But look at who we added this year?


Remember during the off-season when people were already crowning LA for a "3-peat" because of the supposed "key acquisition" they made while people (both Faker fans & NBA fans in general) mocked our acquisition saying we got even older that we're now a "convalescent home" team?


All of them already counted us out that even former players like Karl Malone already picked LA to 3-peat because that championship team even got better with their "key acquisitions."


Well, what has Barnes, Ratliff, & Blake done this season?


People said LA even got tougher with Barnes comparing him to the acquisiton of Artest, that their biggies got deeper with Ratliff who's a proven vet, that Blake solidifies their backcourt given Fisher's age, that their 2 rookies are a "steal of the draft," & so on & so forth.


Did we hear much from these "key acquisitions" this year?





Now, if we worry too much about homecourt, then that adds to the disrespect of our C's (which we've been getting plenty off since time-immemorial) & "too much respect" for our foes especially LA.


Just look at it this way, if we meet LA in the Finals which is most likely as it will be them coming-out west not San Anton, Dallas, or OKC...


...then we'll be playing the same guys of Gasol, Bynum, Kobe, Artest, Odom, Fish, Brown, & Luke which is basically the same LA team of last year.




Whereas our C's, KG's undeniably stronger this year as compared to last year...


...while Ray, Paul, Rondo, & BBD are pretty much the same as last year & as solid as ever, there's no trace of decline yet for the Big 3.

But most of all, we added some REAL GOOD players which no sane hoops fan will deny.


And so, bring it on! We're ready to celebrate in LA come June.


I really hope they get homecourt as revenge will be so much sweeter!


Hell, let's start the Finals now while they're on a roll, C's fans should not be afraid of them even if they have homecourt because like what Doc said back in Game 1 of 2008, "We're the better team."


That may not hold true for 2009 & 2010 but that is SO TRUE now!


And so Celtic Nation, just have faith & confidence in our beloved C's, we're undeniably a much bettter team this year that only injuries will beat us while LA's pretty much the same team as last year.

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