They are the league leaders when it come to steals,

Q1 they outrebounded us, we know how that feels.

They have Tony Allen, he's a leader Memphis way,

They are the Grizzlies, and they've come to play.


The Cs had trouble getting the ball to go,

At the end of Q1--ah, still miss Powe.

Q2 the new guys seem out of synch, 

Instead of running plays, they are trying to think.


Leon took a charge, haven't seen that much, 

Then he scored, still has that great touch.

The timing is off, Cs' picks are set late,

Clock keeps running down, the plays aren't great.


A big scorer of the half is Leon Powe,

He misses us for sure and is putting on a show.

Ray Allen for three, Ray Allen for three, 

Still the most beautiful sight to see.


Rondo passes to Baby, and hits the mark, 

Suddenly the Cs seem to have a spark.

Shots finally go in, just what we need,

Q2 under two minutes, Cs take the lead.


In the first half Green and Ray led the way

The usual points in the paint? -- Not today.

In the second half one thing we must do

Is cut down the turnovers from Q1 and Q2.


20th scorer of all time is now our KG,

The great Celtic Robert Parish, 19th is he.

Q3 TAllen scored, did the eagle swoop, 

In celebrations he's in Nate Robinson's group.


Ray Allen for three, Paul Pierce for three, 

Q3 that's the shooting we want to see.

Turnovers continue to mount, Doc is mad,

One of the worst turnover nights we've recently had.


Emphasis for Krstic as they start Q4

He must think offense and try to score.

Looks like the Grizzlies were really hot

They are trying to earn a playoff spot.


Pierce took it over under four to go, 

A basket and a foul, and a three to show.

All our home losses  are to teams from the west,

Doesn't really count, til the final test.


Second chance points, the Grizzlies fourteen,

In comparison, there are none for our beloved Green.

Pierce had no field goals in half one, 

18 points in the second half, he (almost) had fun.


At the end of the game what were they thinkin'?

Rondo's floater, Baby's three, hero ball, it was stinkin'-

Pierce took nine shots, only ten by Ray, 

The Cs can't win a game, four quarters this way.


It's an old habit, it must be said, 

Of Reggie Ray is now 40 ahead.

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