Ray Allen for three, Ray Allen for three, 

You know that's a beautiful sight to see.

He had 10 points in Q1 of this game.

Compared to the Griz effort, this team's not the same.


Grateful for that, Cs need to keep going,

So that Celtics swagger soon will be showing.

Jeff Green off the glass to start Q2,

An old-school move that he likes to do.


More turnovers than assists, through Q2 part way,

With Rondo around they shouldn't play that way.

The pace has slowed down, the new guys are in,

We need them to step up to secure a win.


'Cats' White is playing well, eleven is his score,

Diaw, Brown and Henderson are adding more.

The Cs are ahead in rebounds through Q2

But turnovers, and Rondo no assists, that won't do.


The shot clock runs down before the offense does start,

What kind of game's that for a team with such heart?

Setting up offense so slowly is just not wise,

Makes it look like great defense by the other guys.


At the end of Q2 many stats stand out,

Like Pierce took just four shots, what's that about?

To begin Q3 Captain Pierce gets it going,

With him the Cs offense is no longer slowing.


Krstic stopped thinking and just started to play,

Rebounds, some points, but fouls won't go his way.

Baby finally scores, very late in Q3

Cs setting their offense still slow as could be.


Rondo scored to end Q3, coast to coast,

Cs up by 13, in this game that's the most.

Baby started to heat up, to the hoop he was cutting,

He made his free throws, out his jaw it was jutting.


Delonte's hustle plays show that he has some heart,

He can handle the ball, he knows the plays, he's smart.

Things got rough when Cunningham blocked KG,

That led to the first Cats lead we did see.


Baby fouled out, nine points, rebounds three,

Pierce stopped their 16-0 run, how can this be?

Krstic down the stretch brings the Cs within one,

Cs have to go to the hoop to get this game done.


Just under a minute, KG for two,

The Cs take the lead, they know what to do.

Charlotte gets it back, right down to the wire, 

Henderson's one made free throw, the lead's one point higher.


Fifteen seconds left, Ray tries for the three, 

He missed, that was followed by a miss by KG.

The Cs are off, or so it would seem, 

Our first home loss to an east conference team.


Through our tears, of course, it must be said,

Of Reggie Ray is now 42 ahead.

March 25, 2011     7:09pm


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