"Inspite of numerous injuries, still feeeling confident with our new [deeper] bench."

Now that BBD's added to our long list of injuries...

... it could actually be a blessing in disguise as it then gives the new guys more playing time which:

1) Troy really need in order to shape-up quick.

2)  Kristic & Green gets to play more & hence, speed-up the familiarity in playing with the Big 4.

3) West injury makes Sasha a back-up "point forward," he can bring the ball down court & make jump shots.

With the  2nd unit's style of  "set-up half court offense" instead of run & gun, it does suit Sasha's skills.   


The next 10 games.

It helps a lot that our next 3 games are against weak teams: Warriors & Clips at home, Bucks in Milwaukee in between.  Such great timing!

But the 4th game will be a challenge because we're playing a much-improved Sixers at their turf .

Think we can lose that game? 

Great teams are allowed to lose every now & then:)


However, the next 3 games after Philly are against week teams once again (Bucks, Nets, & Pacers.)

Six out of seven will be good for the next 2 weeks but a 7 game winning streak will be even nicer!

Then we hit the road against better teams in Houston, Orleans, Knicks.


Is a "3 game losing streak" against those 3 teams possible especially since:

1) Houston, for some reason, always find a way to beat us even in our turf even if they are undermanned

2) The Knicks are now well-improved & a team to reckon with!

3) Orlean's CP3 thinks he's bettert than Rondo & thus, plays us well coz he wants to beat Rondo.


Hopefully, we get some key players back by then so that we have a "10 game winning streak" instead. 


BTW, is Chris Johnson our final man? 

Now that BBD's out for a week, shouldn't we get an exact replacement who already knows the system & thus, can help us right-away?

Someone who's undersized like BBD (same height at 6'8") but plays real hard, battles for rebounds, can score some like BBD, is as good as Baby in defensive rotations, & will grind it out on D?  A player with satisfactory skills but good basketball IQ? 

How's his knees?  Is he just a shell of 2008?

If Chris Johnson's better at this time, then Chris is our 15th man! 

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