West to sit out Wednesday and doubtful for Friday: What's up Doc?

Doc Rivers today has confirmed Delonte West will not play tomorrow night, and is unlikely for Friday's game. He hopes to have him back Sunday. An interesting development for an injury deemed "not very serious" and expected to only sideline him a couple of games. 

At first we hear, he's out over the weekend, he'll play Wednesday. Now he won't play Wednesday, and is unlikely for Friday... what gives?

Want a theory? Sure ya do, conspiracy theory engine, warp speed ahead!

Here's the scoop, Doc is an evil genius, an extra weeks rest and healing for Delonte while also giving you a chance to get Arroyo up to speed, against relatively weak competition? Cue your best Mr. Burns voice... exxxxcellent.

Don't believe what you hear in the media anymore people, Delonte could play. Shaq could play, they are probably just fine. But is Doc worried about their chemistry? Naw, not really. I mean we saw Delonte miss the entire season, and after one mere shaky game, he slid right in and started producing like he never missed a beat. Back to back solid games, then the ankle sprain. Obviously it doesn't take him long to get his game back. Shaq? Fit into that starting line up from the word "GO!" like he was meant to play here all along, instant chemistry with his fellow vets, and a giant red target with hands softer than a baby's rear for Rondo to throw the ball too.

No worries, the chemistry will be there, so take all the rest they can get, right?

I know you're expecting something right now, you're expecting me to jump into a "Celtics are all liars, can't trust Doc, medical staff sucks" rant. But I'm not going to do it, I'm going to go the other way; here's the truth for you, this is a genius play. Do we, as fans, want to see everyone on the court? Of course. Do we deserve the honest truth from the Celtics staff? Maybe. In the end, does none of that matter as long as that hoist Banner 18? You're darn tootin.

Well played Doc, well played.

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