start the mvp campaign

all the nba mvp talk surrounds 5 players.

but i think they forgot some one.

1. rose (chicago) i agree with out him they arent as good or close to as good. i think thibs gets coach of the year because of rose buying into his system. and understanding that tom has won a championship. and he knows what he is talking about.

2-5 lebron, dirk,, durant, howard not in that order but in some way those names always comes up.

i'm getting a little like stan van gundy right now because the heat brought all the expectations up when they had the celebration of nothing in the begining of the preseason. so in my mind lebron/wade/bosh has failed. its the wrong 3 to be together. they are not going to win more than 72 games, jeff van gundy, and the cleveland cavaliers won 66 and 62 games the past 2 seasons when lebron lead the talentless team, this heat team will not get to 60.  howard has been his normal rediculous shot blocking and rebounding self with sprinkles of offensive moves not named an alley oop or dunk.. blah blah blah....this player scores alot, but he shoots 25 shots to get 28 points including oh and he takes 10 free throws..

the player i want to see get some credit is a celtic. the team with the best record in the east. the deffending eastern confrence champs, the team all the experts said cant compete with miami.. and would have a tough time being in the top 4 of the east... those of you who watched the c's vs bucks game watched one player say we will not lose to this team, i'll drive to hoop every time and make a lay  up or dunk if i have to. i'll get fouled and then make the shot getting me a 3 point play. i'll carry this team until the rest of them catch up to what i'm doing.


                                                                                                     PAUL PIERCE

he has played 61 games aka EVERY GAME. he leads the team in points per game. he rebounds, he plays d, he gets others involved, he has been shooting at a 50% level this year. 85 % at the line. close to 40% from 3's. with all the injuries that this team has had. its been paul and ray every night fighting off the other team. pauls battled injuries himself but he has faught threw them and played 35 minutes per game. for the 'old' team.. no shaq, no rondo, no kg, no baby, perk, JO, wafer, daniels, nate robinson, delonte west, semih. didnt matter this year. because paul has kept the team close until who ever else was out on the court with him, joined him. and made some contribution to effect the game in a positive way. he's run the second unit recently when avery's been on the floor. to a point of looking like the pierce of 2004..since the trade that every one thought was a bad move and a championship destroying move- pierce has gotten over 20 points in all but 1 (the suns game, he really wasnt needed with kg showing channing frye how to be a PF in the nba). paul has missed 4 free throws in that span.  i understand that the nba is he averages 28 so he is the best. but when the player shoots 30 shots to get his 28 how good is he? when his team is below the celtics in standings is that the right method? peirce used to be that way, i'll shoot because i dont want the guy next to me shooting cause i'm better then him. and i never liked that about paul and his game. i thought it hurt the celtics more than helped them. paul takes 13 shots a game to get his 20. lebron averages 20 to get his. kobe gets to shoot 20 to get his. durant shoots 20 shots plus 9 free throws a game.. i'll take pauls low amount of shots plus his 20 points than to watch lebron battle wade on who gets to shoot this quarter.. paul is and will be a celtic. and this year should be the year that the league notices the players who stay in 1 city, fights thru the bad seasons, doesnt cause issues, doesnt demand trades or hold the franchise hostage, doesnt go on tv and make a mockery of free agency.  aka the paul pierce & tim duncan's of the nba. odd how the teams they are on, lead the league in the standings

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