Cs started out strong, the way led by Pierce,

Say it early in this poem, this man is fierce.

Early Q1--Ray Allen for three,

A few minutes later, season's first for KG.


A 6-0 run for the Heat ends Q1,

Partly because Baby is not having fun.

Sloppy defense, turnovers, bad shots, air balls,

He has to start listening to the plays Doc calls.


Pierce has two fouls, Bosh on his bench early,

The latter wants back in, the former should be surly.

"Keep the game simple," the constant plea from Doc,

Stop walkin' the ball up, losing time off the clock.


Q2 starts with Bosh getting his shot with some speed, 

Giving the Miami Heat, in this game, their very first lead.

Baby took a charge, for the season forty-five,

Huge guys coming at him, that's hard to survive.


Flagrant foul on JO, gave Lebron a shove,

Pierce and Wade got into it, gotta give 'em some love.

Tech on Lebron, threw the ball--refs could see,

Turns out the voice of reason was none other than KG.


One assist, two turnovers, from Rondo that's all,

Second half the Cs must get Rondo the ball.

Lowest rebounds first half, the Cs just ten,

They need help down low, but from whom and when?


The Heat came out pumped to start Q3

Two shots in the first half all Ray did see.

Doc's not happy with our inconsistent play,

He's grimacing on the bench, just furious today.


Ray ran the floor, incredible block by Wade,

Bosh's three point play, the price the Cs paid.

Whether the pace is fast, whether the pace is slow,

Where, oh where, did the Cs' offense go?


Q4 down hill, 20 point lead for the Heat,

Ray forgot the shot clock, all the Cs off a beat.

Baby can't find the hoop, four fouls on Pierce,

(Still gotta say that man is fierce).


Under 6 minutes left, the Cs showed some life,

A 12-0 run despite their game-long strife.

Til Bibby for three, though he was off all night, 

When it counted he finally got one right.


One bright moment, a loud standing O,

When off the bench came one-time Heat's Arroy-o.

In a game that was chippy and very intense, 

The Heat won today with rebounds and defense.


Wade, Lebron and company having a fabulous time,

But the Cs' off play sets the tone for this rhyme.

This is a statement game perhaps say you,

For the Cs it's just one of eighty-two.


Despite his struggles it still must be said, 

Of Reggie Ray is now 51 ahead.


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