Pre Playoff Schizophrenia

i am writing this prior to game 1 of the knicks series...random thoughts--they've been percolating for quite a while and I need to get it off my chest before going into bunker mode for the duration: US AGAINST THE WORLD

1. what if?
resigned tony allen
gave bill walker more pt last season and he was productive for 10-12 mpg/or picked up another wing
then would danny have traded perk when quisy went down? it just seems like an over reaction to trade perk, who busted his ass to come back, who was seen as the missing piece in game 7 last year, who by all accounts is blowing it up in okc, when a role player goes down for the season.

our playoff rotation would then be:

PG: RR, DWest
SG: Ray, DWest, TAllen
SF: PP, TAllen
C: Perk, JON, BBD

9 deep possibly 10 if we picked up another wing or Bill Walker developed; Sasha would have still been available as would Murphy, Arroyo, Brewer...Danny--wtf were you thinking banking our finals run on shaq giving us 20 mpg!  i don't buy the "perk was gonna leave reason"  because
a. he could possibly have been signed for a similar # that okc got him for in the off season
b. offseason is simply that: the offseason. title run is here and now and titles are hard to get; when you have a real shot, you go all in. remember the bird celtics? they coulda/woulda/shoulda won 3 more at least but they ended up with 3 total.  you never know what's gonna happen so do it now and let the next season take care of itself.

now, in order to win, aside from the big 4 all playing at highest efficiency and no injuries we need most/all these to happen

1. jon plays 30+ mpg playing bigtime D and grabbing 8+ boards; 8+ pts
2. kristic is reliable as backup c
3. d west is good to go
4. j green hits his stride for 20+ mpg
5. we get a contribution at key moments from any of the others: murph, sasha, von, arroyo

of course #1 above is the wild card; 2-5 is pretty solid but without #1--our chances diminish significantly

IT CAN STILL HAPPEN. IT'S JUST GONNA BE MUCH HARDER TO DO THAN IT NEEDED TO BE. I KNOW--HINDSIGHT IS 20/20 BUT REALLY WAS IT THAT DIFFICULT TO SEE THIS WAS THE WAY TO GO?? they still could have signed shaq to see what he still had/while waiting for perk. yes PP needed a backup--but at the cost of Perk?! hey you know what--after the first couple days post trade i was like ok it is what it is now let's pull this together. doc and danny were adamant that shaq would be back and i believed them. now? what a mess. i haven't given up hope, hell the series hasn't even started yet and i'm not making any predictions aside from this: this team will play it's ass off and we'll go as far as rondo and jon take us. rondo--because he is the motor and jon because he is our inside presence. as such i give him all my support and say kick some ass down low. with good health it is all about desire. how bad do you want it? they can beat any of the other teams in a 7 game series--if they believe they can and then play like it.

that's it! thanks for indulging me. </BUNKERMODE>

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