Stoudemire woke up with less pain in his back, 

So his playing mentality was back on track.

JO took a charge first play from Stoudemire,

At the other end he scored, hope it's JO on fire.


Melo's flagrant on Rondo set an early tone,

Walker's kind of feisty, scores only if alone.

Two early fouls on KG, in came Baby,

Will we see his playoff skills? Maybe, just maybe.


Q1 Knicks have five blocks, Krstic two,

Turns out it's a jump ball he can't do.

Melo has 15, somehow two fouls on Green,

It was Melo initiating contact the refs hadn't seen.


Baby, Baby, Baby, that's all I'm gonna say,

You, Green, Krstic (Delonte?) finally finding your way?

Good block by Delonte, Amar'e gave him a shove, 

A tech on Delonte? A call I don't love.


12 first half points off the bench, the Baby we know,

Then he took a charge from Stoudemire, his offense to slow.

The crowd went silent, where's their team? No clue,

And even the refs the crowd started to boo.


Cs' first half defense looked like '07-'08,

Amar'e, Douglas 2-18, only Melo close to great.

D'Antoni said his guys just weren't right in the mind,

Their body language was off, no offense could they find.


Q3 the Knicks showing of life a sign,

The Celtics' true heart this push will define.

KG is playing as always with heart,

But the Knicks are looking their offense to start.


ESPN magazine, an unnamed source about KG,

Questioned, anonymously, what kind of heart has he.

Neither passion nor emotion qualities he does lack, 

They say, as a teammate, he has your back.


Back to Q3, the Knicks early 6-0 run,

Terrible back to back plays, Doc's not having fun.

All of a sudden Rondo is being challenged by Carter,

You can see why D'Antoni thought he might be a starter.


From 23 to 10 went the Celtics' lead, 

Doc yelling not to relax, it is focus we need.

Four Cs' turnovers in a row to start Q4,

The Madison Square Garden crowd starting to roar.


Stoudemire heated up, Carter brought 'em to within four,

Six minutes no field goals the Cs could score.

Finally a bucket by The Truth, the Captain, our Pierce,

Is this the time to say he is fierce?


Ray Allen's second three halfway through Q4,

Answered by Carter who was able to score.

Of course, as always, there's Pierce looming large,

As he boldly stepped up to take a charge.


That energized Rondo, and then KG,

Back to defense, then the offense we like to see.

The Cs regained their composure, seemed to settle down,

Swept the Knicks in NY, no trip back to Beantown!


At some point this will stop, but now it must be said, 

Of Reggie Ray is now 69 ahead.

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