Orlando Sentinel: Dwight Howard Is A Greater Defensive Presence Than Bill Russell. Seriously, They Wrote it. Not Even Kidding.

You don't need a 7'4 wingspan to know that the notion of Dwight Howard being better than Bill Russell is a bit of a reach.

Now now, they try to back off of it. They really do. They talk about how it's 'hard to compare players from different eras', and how 'Bill Russell may have averaged between 4-5 blocks per game compared to Howard's 2.75', but the gist of the message is the same; Dwight Howard is a better defender than Bill Russell.

These are the words that the Orlando Sentinel laughingly pretends they're not standing by. They continue to foist them upon Matt Guokas, a player who played against Bill Russell, and with Wilt Chamberlain. 'Who could be better?' you might ask. Well, I'd start with someone who isn't paid by the Orlando Magic, but I'll let the eviseration of Matt Guokas and the Orlando Sentinel occur in the comments section.

This is what the Orlando Sentinel said:

Is Dwight Howard greater defensive player than Bill Russell? Magic commentator Matt Guokas thinks so:

"All you old-timers out there, take your blood pressure medicine, put on a soothing rendition of Mel Torme singing "Fly Me to the Moon" and brace yourself for what you are about to hear:
Dwight Howard is a better defensive center than Bill Russell.

That’s right, BILL RUSSELL.

There are a lot of things to consider here, and you should read the whole article. 1) Is this all for attention? (Yes) 2) Should Orlando stop worrying about how Dwight 'Zero Rings' Howard stacks up against Bill Russell and start worrying about the Atlanta Hawks? (YES!) and 3) Should Orlando, when and if they escape the Hawks, and then are inevitably erased from the playoffs by the Bulls, start worrying about what they'll get back for Dwight WHEN(not if) he sprints for Los Angeles, New Jersey, or even *gasp!* Boston? (YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!)

So yeah, totally take this seriously.

Props to Celticsblog user CeltsFan336, and the good people at RedsArmy.

PS: Dwight Howard is to Bill Russell as House Party 3 is to House Party 2. That is all.

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