Analysis of Jeff Green as a Celtic

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Through 18 games in a Celtic uniform Jeff Green has showed flashes of his offensive ability( Indiana, Philadelphia, Golden State but for the majority of games he has looked lost, often struggling at the defensive end. Jeff has been fairly productive averaging over 10 points per game while shooting percentage over 50%.

Offensively: Prior to trade Jeff was considered by most a perimeter player in OKC and this was true, Jeff was taking close to four three pointers a game. In Boston he has attempted around one a game shooting at 38%. With the Celtics Jeff has featured a little Jump hook, post up game, mid range jump shot and a variety of driving moves to the basket.  At other times he has been able to get out on the break and finish in transition mostly when playing with rondo. Watching Jeff through eighteen games a few things are clear  to me with his offensive game.

He needs to get involved earlier: Often time Jeff tries to get post position but doesn't get the ball. I think a big problem of late is that his teammates have not been looking for him. Over the past five or six games  Doc recently  called his team selfish. During this time, there have been a handful of games where baby has taken too many jump shots or Delonte and  Arroyo have been looking to much  for there own offense. As a result Jeff has not taken many shots and at times has been challenged to find his own offense.

Jeff Green plays the best when rondo is on the court: Rondo always seems to find him sprinting down the court or open under the basket, other guys have problems finding him. In the playoffs I think Rondo and Green will definitely play together.

Jeff plays best on the block with his post up game, or his little hook: It seems like most of his shots from these areas have been very high percentage for him. At times he has shown flashes of driving the ball to the basket in the half court( San Antonio) but for the most part he hasn't. In the playoffs its all about offensive efficiency, Jeff shoots a very high percentage from these areas.


Individual Defense and rotations: Jeff Green struggles to guard power forwards, he doesn't have the strength to bang with them. Often times he doesn't move his feet fast enough when guarding small forwards. Occasionally he will come up with the weak side block but most of the time he is out of position and commits the foul. Jeff at this point with the Celtics is not a very good individual defender. He often struggles with defensive rotations. As a result, he often is late closing out on shooters. At times he is to aggressive when hedging the pick and  roll and gets called for fouls often. This area of his game really needs to improve going into the playoffs.

Rebounding: Jeff  rebounding is pretty much none existent. He rarely battles on the glass and often times look like he shy's away from contact. Jeff is soft  when it comes to rebounding. For a 6'9 forward I would like to see a much higher compete level on the glass. 

Conclusion: Let's be realistic its not easy transitioning from a starter to the bench mid season. The kid is only twenty four years old. Overall offensively I think Jeff has done a decent job of helping the team at this end of the court. As Doc shortens the rotation and the team get's practices heading into the post season his comfort level should improve. His aggressive play in San Antonio the other night was encouraging.

On the defensive end Jeff doesn't have to be a stopper individually but he has to master defensive rotations. The Celtics team is built around team defense and crisp rotations, in the playoffs executing them at a high level will be very important. This is the biggest area where he needs to improve. Recently he has shown some improvement in his individual ability to defend and his defensive rotations. Last night he did a decent job guarding  Al Horford for multiple possessions  and he forced a jump ball on ZaZa Pachulia coming from the help side. I understand that Jeff is not an aggressive player when it comes to rebounding but at the minimum he has to box his man out. Too many times opposing players have gotten rebounds in the area that he occupies around the basket.

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