Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat final preview

This story has just started. The regular season was part 1,and the playoffs will be the ending of this year long quest. Not the finals quest,but beating the Heat. That quest of beating the Heat will only lead us to the Championship path. The group of guys down in Miami have been compared to one other group. The Beatles? No the Celtics Big 3. This series really is about Lebron and the Celtics. He's 0-2 against the Celtics in the post season,and the Celtics seem to be in the way of his dreams again. This could be the final chapter in James quest to defeat the Celtics. I just hope it's a horrific final chapter. There hero James chokes again,and the Celtics ride off in the sunset.

I have three keys to the series.

1) Turnovers- You can not give the ball away against the Heat. They have two of the best players on the planet who want to run up the court for easy baskets. The Celtics can pass the ball too much,and listen I want them to pass. That's who they are,but the Celtics need to take care of the ball each trip down the floor. They will need to stay around 9-12 turnovers a game. They can't expect to win this series with 15 plus turnovers each night.

2)Rebounding- In two of the regular season wins. The Celtics lost on the boards.The number wasn't a big difference from the Celtics total,but the Celtics need to limit the Heat's offensive rebounds. That will be another way for the Heat to get easy points. The Celtics should be able to use Rondo on the boards and Paul. The Celtics chances of winning go up when both Rondo and Paul rebound. The Celtics still have size over the Heat. Even with the uncertain use of Shaq in this series.


3) Bench play- The Celtics have the depth,but will the bench show up almost every night? I hope so. The Big 3 of the Heat will log over 40 minutes a game. The Celtics bench will need to use there fresh bodies and do the damage. The bench should be in the game, when either Wade or James is on the bench. Jeff Green this will be his series if any. He will need to play up to his potential.

The Bonus key of the series.

Coaching- The Heat's struggles this year have been put on there coach more than once. The bump,and Cry-Gate during down times in Miami. Coach Spo hasn't been a battled tested coach in the NBA. Doc has been there done that. He has this teams respect,and he knows what buttons to push. They listen when he has a play,and they execute almost every time. If the Heat fall down early in this series. I think he will crack,and the team will let him crack. It seemed like last season that James gave up in the Boston series,and that's a test to how much he really wants it.

I have three Video previews you can watch thank you, Looking for writers still!

Click here for Preview 3

Click here for video preview

click here for preview 1

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