Krstic came out and he wasn't kidding, 

The Cs only real Big with JO sitting.

In the first half he was high scorer, hardly missed,

And for the half the Cs had 17 assists.


The Cs had 14 against the Bulls, whole game, 

Without them the offense just isn't the same.

Early Q3, KG, great play, thumped chest,

For Passion and Heart, he is the best.


Delonte was tossed, 2 techs, the ref's new,

If you're unhappy with a call, really nothing you can do!

Proof: no Dwight Howard next game, 18 techs the reason,

An aside: his 1000 rebounds, 100 blocks, sixth season.


Toward the end of Q3, Cs started walkin' up the ball

No time for any play that Doc might call, 

The Wizards have a run, single digits the lead,

An aggressive Q4 is what the Cs need!


Arroyo spells Rondo, after minutes thirty-four,

Here is where we wish we had Delonte on the floor.

The Cs have slowed down, it is energy they lack, 

Oh, no, the second night of a back to back.


Arroyo, Murphy, Davis, Pierce and Green,

Here's a line-up we have never seen.

Then Green sat down, instead we got Ray,

Who, in the last ten games, hasn't really found his way.


Seven minutes left, the Cs only up four, 

Garnett and Rondo back out on the floor.

Many travels, weird dribble calls-the refs in a funk?

Followed by Owens-his monster...wait...missed dunk.


Fumbles on both sides, a contest Rondo and Wall,

Mostly they matched in the frequent turnover of the ball.

The Cs pulled it out, at the end, because of Pierce,

You know what I say, that man is fierce!


Rondo broke loose, played "Rondo" ball,

And KG, in his way, motivated them all.

Hope this game doesn't make the Wizards coach "Flip,"

'Cause Monday we play 'em again, to Washington a trip.


With all of his struggles still it must be said, 

Of Reggie--this is big!!--Ray is FIFTY ahead!


PS: the highlight of the pre-game show,

The Red Auerbach award to Doc Rivers it did go!

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