Ballad of Rondo

A poem on Rondo's dominance in last year's Game 4 vs Cavs where he had that behind the back assist while LeBron flew by

The king was slacking around, taking a stroll through a garden.
when he was surprised by boos and hisses.
A lackey hanging around nearby, duty bound, begged for his pardon
and showed him a scroll on the wall, it read "TD garden". (The King softly whistled)

For this was the prominent garden of Boston.
Home to Ray Allen and the grouch Kevin Garnett.
One's a big man dominant yet doesn't weigh a ton,
other, whose shots touch nothing, bar the net.

(The Truth has been conspicuous by his absence,
20-68 vs Cavs. Grr. Bah. I look at him askance )

A win is a collective effort, pant and huff, timing, to avoid being on a poster.
I'm too lazy to make an effort to find stuff rhyming with the entire Celtics roster.

Coming right to the point
and looking at the man who mans the point
I'd like to make one small point.
This dude's the smallest one in the joint.

I won't go into details very gory.
Fact is the numbers don't tell the full story.
They don't tell of one man whose name can't be rhymed or spelled.
Towards him a rebound, going out of bounds was pelt.
Made contact with a weird sound. Boing! Right below his belt.

Numbers don't tell of the chasedown block attempted.
Where the King saw a cheesy layup, and was sorely tempted
to swat the ball with force into the stands,
followed by striking a kingly pose, a royal stance.

Rondo counted on that instinct
And as the King pounced on him by dint
of his athletic pace, he saw with a squint,
a knowing look and a smile on the face of the half-pint.

The king bit on the fake.
Not to put his reputation on a stake.
but I haven't seen anyone so fast and slow on the uptake.
Rondo being slippery like a snake,
whipped the ball behind his back to Tony for the make.

Back to the numbers:
29 points

A shimmying walker, goes the story, was once asked
"Why do you shoot so many 3s?"
In his dimming glory, the dunce basked,
and replied, "Because there are no 4s"

Such mentality makes me sneeze.
Sneeze and puke my lunch with full force.
In contrast to this Rondo only attempted one 3 all game long.
Which he missed, in a game in which he couldn't do any wrong.

Haters can nitpick if they wish.
No big deal that half his shots didn't go swish.
No big deal, as he had 18 boards and 13 assists.
Great numbers on all courts where bball persists.

So concludes his great ballad.
But before I go to eat my salad,
I express a hope, a small plea,
That everyone agree with the crowd, who chanted MVP.
(For Rondo, not number 23)

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