The lack of big man depth & production is one main reason the C's are down 3-1 against the Heat

Coming into this 2011 season the Boston Celtics were suppose to have one of the deepest, biggest and talented front courts in the NBA which was suppose to make them a very tough team to contend against both on the offensive and defensive ends of the court.

That front court depth, talent and size would of especially come in very handy against this smaller, softer and thinner Miami Heat team the C's are now facing in the playoffs.

That front court depth, talent and size  would of I think clearly given the C's the edge in this series, but that big man depth and talent is now non existent and I think is the difference maker in this series and is why we now see the C's down in this series 3 games to 1.

In this series other then KG and J.O. who in limited minutes has played well, the C's have had no other big man who has contributed in this series.

J.O. has played well in this series, but his minutes have had to be limited (especially as was the case in game 4 in the 2nd half) due to his injuries,
Shaq clearly is still injured and his minutes are limited,
Baby is just having a brutal series and contributing nothing
Doc is under utilizing Krstic and Murphy and not giving them any minutes (which he should be doing especially in place of struggling Baby).

Also with the lack of big man depth and production alot of the burden has fallen on KG, which has probably taken its toll as we saw him possibly get fatigued in game 4, which will continue to be a issue as this series continues.

With the C's not getting adequate production from there bigs in this series be it due to injuries, poor play or lack of playing time they have not been able to get enough big man interior defense , rebounding and especially low post scoring production against the Heat.

I believe this lack of big man, depth and production can not be underestimated.

If all the C's bigs were healthy and playing to there full potential, this probably  would of been a different series, but it has unfortunately not been the case and is one reason why I think  the C's are on the brink of elimination in this series.

Anyone have thoughts on the matter?

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