Wishfull Thinking (mabye)

(announcer 1): "Well, the boston celtics played superb in this game 5. How about Ray Allen. 25 points with 6 threes. That is what this Boston team has been needing out of him for quite a few games now.

(announcer 2): "I mean, obviously  that was a huge factor, but I think another huge factor was Kevin Garnett. 17 and 17. Great performance. The bench also did a big part too. It is about time Big Baby stepped up."

(announcer 1): "So game 4 all wrapped up, celtics 96, heat 79. Heat lead the series 3-2. Game 6 is in bean town, on ESPN, on friday. Untill then, so long."



(announcer 1):  "How about Paul Pierce in that 4th quarter. 21 points in that quarter alone to lift the C's over the heat by 9 in game 6. And look at this monster dunk off an allay-oop by Kevin Garnett. That is just sick."

(announcer 2): "Sick is the way to put it."

(announcer 1): "Sick. But back to the recap. Boston has tied this series, and I think that other that Pierce of course, Rajon Rondo really led this team tonight, 18 assists. That one to ray allen for three was a thing of beauty.

(announcer 2): "Wasen't it though." (Whistling) "KG with another very solid rebounding game. 13 boards for him, 27 celtic bench points. Very nice. Final score, Celtics 103, Heat 94. Game 7 is at south beach, on monday, on TNT. It will be a thriller.



 "Well this game 7 has sertenly been an exciting game"

"It sure has. RIght now it looks as if Miami will take it, as there is one minute left in the 4th, miami ball leading by 5.

"So heres James. dribbling some clock away at the top of the key. 8 seconeds on the shot clock. Works on Pierce. 2 seconeds. step back contested jumper... In and out. Garnett the board, pass to Rondo, he drives, kicks to Ray Allen, the 3... GOT IT!!!"

"A big time play for a big time player"

"So time out miami, there last, both teams have a foul to give, all out of timeouts."

"James again dribbling at the top of the key. 25 seconeds left in the game, 17 on the shot clock. James to Wade, Wade drives, looses it!!! Ray allen picks it up to paul pierce, dribbles to a 3.... GOT IT!!!!!! Final score, boston 100, Miami 99.

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