A Die Hard Celtics Fan's Assessment of the Last Few Years......


I am new to this site and really glad I came across it.  It’s great to have a place to go to see what other Celtics fans are thinking.  I’m outside the New England area, so I don’t have any real Celtics fans to talk to or get their opinions on what’s working with the team and what’s not.  I get the NBA package so I probably watch 70% of their regular season games and of course all of their playoff games.  

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and would love to hear your comments -- whether you agree or disagree, I”m extremely curious if I’m alone in my opinions or not.  These are just my opinions on the various personalities involved with the Celtics:

Doc Rivers - I put him in the same category as Phil Jackson - OVERRATED.  The 2008 team was a dream team that Danny Ainge put together and arguably many coaches could have coached that team to the title.  I believe that Tom Thibideau probably had more to do with “real coaching” of that team (architecting the defense) than he did as evidenced by Thibideau’s immediate success in Chicago.   I think more credit should also be given to the big three for leaving their egos at the door and sacrificing stats for team success.

Doc’s lineups have been flat out perplexing over the years.  Players like him because he’s a “players coach” but at the same time you could tell that earlier last season, players started tuning him out.  The Media likes him because he loves talking to the Media and relishes the face time as opposed to guys who like Greg Papavich who clearly hate talking to the media.

It’s not coincidence that over the last few years, everytime Doc is miced up you hear him saying the same things and same catch phrases, that gets old REAL Quick.  His infatuation with certain players has also been a liability -- tony allen, leon powe are previous examples (is it just me or is tony allen the worst ball handler in the league, he is constnatly out of control with the basketball -- he is a good defender but shot selection and turnovers have been his achilles over the years).  Von wafer is a recent example -- I”m not sure how this guy is in the NBA, he has the worst looking jump shot i’ve ever seen from a guard (next to Rondo)... his celebration after actually ‘not dunking’ during the Wizards game towards the tail end of the season was classic.

During this Heat series, Doc has driven me nuts.  His failure to play Shaq and Jermaine in the second half was infuriating.  Big Baby should have been benched after game two permanently till the next round if they advanced.  Also what happened to Kristic and Sasha Pavlovic?  Sasha has some size and is a good defender.  Kristic was good during the regular season but somehow after his knee injury he ended up in the dog house with doc.   I was also disappointed with Doc towards the end of the regular season not giving some of the bench players more minutes.  Clearly the celtics had decided to go for health and not worry about seeding -- so why not give some of these key guys on the bench more minutes to get acclimated to the Celtics system and prepare for the playoffs.  Anyway enough about Doc because I could go on forever.  I think he’ll retire and I wouldnt be surprised if Lawrence Frank gets the job -- (although I’m not sure about him either).

Danny Ainge - I’m not buying the Perkins Trade being the root cause of the problem with the Celtics.  It’s probably the root cause of Rondo checking out (I’ll get to him later).  Kristic was playing well and was being productive and while he’s not a great defender the addition of Jeff Green is a look towards the future -- Pierce and Allen are getting old and fatigued and they desperately needed a good backup.  Marquis Daniels was just not cutting it.  I kept waiting for this guy to show some real production but it never happened -- plus he was plagued by injuries (including injuring his hand in practice from an erratic Rondo Pass that made him miss a considerable amount of games).  I really hope that Ainge comes up with a few masterful moves in the offseason to keep this team compeittive, otherwise we will be waiting another 21 years again for another run.

Ray Allen - he’s had a great year, but his inability to create his own shot is pretty frustrating.  Also he is incapable of fouling hard and is often victimized by “and 1’s”.   his streakiness is also frustrating.  I think next year Allen should come off the bench.  He just hasn’t looked up to the challenge in this series.  He looks hesitant and dare I say “scared” of Wade who has flat out owned him in this series.

Rajon Rondo - after this season, I am completely disgusted with Rondo.  I’m definitely of the school that Rondo checked out after the Perkins trade.  I’ve seen him disinterested in games, huddles and just flat out playing badly.  He conceals it sometimes when he starts playing better during “garbage time” in games, but overall he is just checked out and doesn’t seem to care.. His inability to improve his jump shooting and free throw shooting are also infuriating.  Clearly this guy does not work on his game in the off season.  Meanwhile, guys like Derrick Rose are taking 1000 jump shots a day and dramatically improving their game (also Westbrook and his work in the off season).  If there is any chance to ship Rondo out and get someone like Chris Paul or Deron Williams, I’m all for it.  Rondo also often looks extremely indecisive on fast breaks or makes erratic passes -- it’s never talked about really because his assist to turnover ratio is always overwhelming.  While his courage for playing with injured elbow is somewhat redeeming, i’m not sold that he is the celtics future.

Paul Pierce - He is the heart and soul of this team in my opinion and I'm sure many feel the same way.  While he sometimes has played poorly, overall he is constantly improving his game -- over the last few years his defense and more recently he has evolved into a lethal three point shooter.  What I still don’t understand to this day is why Pierce does not seem to get the same calls that Lebron, Durant, Wade, Mello and Kobe get.  Stern must not like him (i’m convinced that Stern hates the Celtics).

KG - never been a big fan of KG, I’m sorry but this guy has played like a complete P*ssy the last few years.  Meanwhile he is probably the most abrasive and highest trash talking guy in the NBA -- not to mention his recent streak of cheap shots.  He never goes down low and posts up and settles for long distance jumpers.  Yes he’s a consistent jump shooter, but at the same time guys who cover him are NEVER in foul trouble.  When i watch guys like Zack Randolph and Al Jefferson - these guys flat out *BANG* -- not Garnett, he plays scared.  I’m still scratching my head as to how he got defensive player of the year a few years back.  Yes he’s a good defender but I never thought he was good enough to warrant receiving that award.  It’s ironic if the Heat win this series that Bosh was labeled as soft -- when it’s KG who has been soft.

Glenn Davis - if someone can name me another player in the league who gets his shot blocked as much as Big Baby, I’d love to hear it.   During the regular season, BBD was arguably the most consistent Celtic and that includes the starters.  For some reason he picked this Heat series to play awful -- nice timing Glenn.  Is it just me or does he look slow and out of shape all of a sudden.  Also the fact that he gets his shot blocked SO MUCH , means that when he actually does get fouled he doesn’t get the call.  This makes him somewhat of a liability.  I really wish he could finish at the rim better like Zach Randolph (who also has a 1” veritcal).  I have mixed emotions about whether the Celtics should keep him or not -- two years ago I saw him and Rondo being the Celtics future -- not anymore.

Look forward to hearing everyone's comments.





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