"Doc returning to Boston for multiple years truly sounds fishy!"


There has to be more than what "meets the eye" with Doc re-signing with Boston not only for 1 year but for multiple years!

I mean, with an aging team who just lost to Miami, there's no way can our beloved C's contend next year.

In other words,  there's no way in hell will Doc win it again with Boston!   (I really hate to say that but c'mon, let's be realistic.)


And with no young, superstar free-agent this year, Boston won't have anyone to pick-up to par with Miami.

And even if there are some decent free agents this year, Boston won't have space to sign anyone even if they let go of their own free agents (like BBD, Green, & Krstic, etc.) because of the Big 4's huge contracts especially KG's $20 mil.

Inshort, this Celtic team will not dramatically improve next year to honestly challenge Miami.


Now some people may sarcastically say, "Spoe has just secured his job in Miami, it's no longer available for Doc & so, Doc has no choice but to stay with Boston."

The counter-point then is, "Doc needs to wait till the playoffs is over just in case someone beats Miami, then Spoe may not be secured after all."

And so, Doc signing long term with aging Boston surely does not make any sense at all (there's no way will he ever win it again with them) not unless there's "more than what meets the eye."

Now what could that be?    DWIGHT HOWARD baby!!!


If Dwight renounces his "player option" with Orlando after next season in a quest to win a ring ASAP, then he'll become a Celtic because no other championship-contending team has space to sign Howard, only Boston will in 2012.

And with the impending lock-out this coming season, there's most likely no trading next year because the NBA will start late, ensuring Dwight staying with Orlando for one more year.

And even if Boston gets eliminated again by Miami next year (or some other teams like Chicago, Atlanta, & etc.), that will be ok because once we get Dwight in 2012, the C's will be a championship team once again for years to come since the Big 3, inspite of their advancing age, are in GREAT SHAPE & will have a good 3-4 years left not necessarily as superstars, but as effective players that Howard can have to finally win a ring or 3-peat!

With a coach like Doc & a GM like Danny, Dwight Howard's "The Decision 2012"  will see lots of GM/coach suitors ala LBJ yet Doc & Danny will have the best chance!


Indeed, Doc is the kind of coach that can bring a superstar free-agent like Dwight to Boston & this may very well be reason why he is re-signing with the C's for a multi-year contract even if Boston looks finished right now.

Perhaps, Doc knows deep inside that with a gritty team that he has (no matter how old it is), Boston will be a very competetive suitor in the upcoming "Dwight Sweepstakes."

If Doc & Boston lands Dwight in 2012, rest assure it will be a 3 to 4-peat given the Big 3's top physical conditioning plus Rajon Rondo - a superstar's PG!

Of course, winning multiple rings is what Dwight wants (plus a true PG), he may indeed come to Boston in 2012.


But if Dwight picks-up his "player option" with Orlando in 2012, Boston won't be able to pursue him because he will not be a free agent.

Dwight then becomes a Laker mid-season (if he refuse to sign an extension with Orlando) because the Magic will end-up trading him for the most value rather than lose him for nothing.   Only the Lakers has the most talents to offer Orlando, no other team will match LA!

Doc's re-signing with the C's then fails big-time, he'll never win again in Boston because who else aside Dwight can we get who will put us over Miami?  Tim Duncan?  (He's also a free agent in 2012.) 


Overall, it's really only Dwight who knows what he wants to become off, either a Laker or a Celtic.

He will not go to Miami whereas NY won't have space to sign him, the Bulls only has Noah, Boozer, & Deng to offer which LA can easily outmatch.  (I don't think the Bulls will go as far as offering Deng too which then takes them out of the Dwight sweepstakes.)   NJ on the other hand is quite far from being championship caliber even if they have Deron.

Only time will tell but it will be as early as next year.


If Dwight renounces his "player option" with Orlando, expect him to become a Celtic because no other team will outbid us if Dwight's really bent on winning ASAP & multiple times with a great coach, a great PG, & outstanding veteran teamates who knows what it takes to win it all & as gritty as heck!

But if Dwight  picks-up that "player option" but refuses to sign an extension, expect him to become a Laker mid-season since only LA can offer the most talents in return.

Doc's dream then of winning it with Boston once again is greatly scewed!  (Hopefully, that won't be the case at all.)


Chances are, Dwight will come to us because we're one GRITTY team with such strenght in character as evidenced by our just concluded series with Miami (perhaps the NBA's best team now), as well as the last 4 years of playoff basketball especially the last 2 years & when KG went out in 2009.

There's just NO QUIT in us unlike LA who only played Dallas, a team that even if good, doesn't rank with the likes of Chicago & Miami.

If Dwight is really smart, he will pick the team with a lot more fight, intensity, HEART & CHARACTER over a team who has immense talents (younger, faster, & more talented than Boston) but easily folds & easily gets unfocused.  That's not Boston basketball, that's LA!

Last but not the least,  Dwight will have a GREAT & GRITTY coach in Doc unlike LA who will have Brian Shaw, an unproven [assistant] coach


Maybe this is the reason why Doc's re-signing for multiple years with us. 

He has a gut feeling that he can sell Boston basketball to Dwight in 2012 knowing that he's really hungry & bent on winning, we need him as much as he needs us to finally win it all not only once but multiple times (& thus, the multi year extension.)

But till then, Miami may very well be on their way to a "back-to-back."

But if Dwight wants all the glitter ala young Shaq, then LA's truly the place!

But going to LA via a trade will leave Dwight with only Kobe & Fish, hardly a championsip team that can beat Miami whereas coming to us in 2012 as as free-agent, he'll have an intact Celtic team that is very competetive against Miami, NY, Chicago, & etc

- John Prester.  (the world's #1 Xeltic fan.)

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