offseason.. draft.. FA.. trade ideas

i've been saying trade big baby since he filled in for kg in the playoffs 2 seasons ago.. he had a great play off run.. his stock will never be as hire as that point.. BUT, they didnt.. so now we are left with a big sloppy baby.

my offseason idea starts with baby and the draft...  with no one having a clue on when the lock out will end ( lets face it the nba will most likely get a lock out, possible no nfl or nba next season!) or for that matter what the salary cap or rules will be. i think the draft will be the way to go about it.

so idea 1. trade baby and shaq to the wizards, who have multiple 1st round picks. the best being a lottery the worst locked in at 18th, which would be the one the celtics get. . the wizards have such a young team that another veteran player with playoff games and a ring could help better than adding another 19-20 year old. they have the money because they have paid yi 4 million and josh howard 3 million both probably wont return next year. shaq will retire so thats another million to use.  blatche, mcgee, lewis, booker, seraphin and baby would be the front court rotation...  at the 18th pick players like  mark. morris - kansas,  jordan hamilton - texas, chris singleton - florida state could all be there. singleton is a lock down wing deffender, hamilton is a scoring wing, morris is a rebounder. all things the c's could use. baby is most likely a chip other teams could try to get. plus with green in the mix he wouldnt really be needed.

idea number 2. if baby is a wizard. step 2 is shop ray allen. he was almost moved for kevin martin, monta ellis 2 seasons ago, and looking back at it now. they should have traded him for either. now a team like memphis who have a log jam at sg might take the bait to add a veteran to help the proggresions of conley, young, gasol.. they have a player they shopped around already in  OJ Mayo. so offer RAY and a future pick for him (maybe the clippers pick.) it gives them a outside shot, that they havent had. they will most likely have the money because battier, powe and randolph are FA. only z.randolph will most likely return. gasol and young are restricted so they will need to put money into them. and also provides leadership they havent had..( they also have g. vasquez who can take battiers spot. and a good pick to replace powe. )

recap -

baby and shaq to washington for the 18th pick.  draft - singleton, hamilton or morris.

ray allen and a future 1st round pick  to memphis for OJ Mayo.

with 25th pick draft jordan williams from maryland. a C/PF.. physical, strong rebounder, played in a tough confrence. could fit the perk role, with a better touch around the basket.

in the second round move up by to get sg travis leslie from u. georgia..  good deffender, long wing span, athletic  finisher. could be a tony allen type deffender off the bench...and lets face it its a second round pick so the wouldnt have to keep him.

so going into the lockout the celtics would have rondo, pierce, kg, JO, bradley, mayo all locked in. the rights to jeff green. draft picks of hamilton/singleton, williams & leslie... thats 10.

 6 main rotation players.. 3 of them young players who can be here after the kg contract expires.

plus bradley and the 3 draft picks to help push the veterans.

the 5 other roster spots are still unknown do to the awaiting lock out. they resign d. west.. than these players fit the mold that the celtics could use..  the MLE (using the old rules) would be offered to T. Chandler, nene, caron butler, battier,  kirilenko, jr smith in that oreder.. if all say no than players like humphries, pryzbilla get offered some of it.. giving them 12. players on there 'last leg'  like kenyon martin, m. redd,  t-mac, yao,  g. hill get the veterans minimum in hopes they take it to fill out the other roster..

so my 2012 celtics roster.. rondo, mayo, pierce, kg, jo, green, west, bradley, singleton/hamilton, williams, leslie, chandler / humphries etc, hill / redd / yao / etc. 2 open spots to wait and find a rookie free agent or a d- league stud.. ( tiny gallon) ..

than going into the offseason of no kg. they would have 4 players that they have FA restrictions on in bradley, williams, leslie and hamilton/singelton.. they will have 3 young chips in green, rondo and mayo. and the veterean leader in peirce. hopefully the new agreement gives them some money to bring in a top level talent or 2 or 3 young talents. aka howard, love or hibbert, gallinari, mcgee

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