huge summer

somethings are very obvious after this year. we do need to get younger and more athletic. theres areason celts lakers and spurs all went out early.

This summer we have to freshen things up. I suppose the first thing the celtics need is for rondo to hire a jeff hornacek type coach this summer and teach him how to shoot. wasnt so long ago there wasnt many who wouldn pick him over rose. hes still a better passer defender rebounder - da main difference is his shot and how defense is hangin off and handcuffin what he can do. add a shot and straight away we are sooooooo much better (free throws alone). Anyways as for moves - Ok i hate writing or tradin one of our greats off esp after seeing perk leave but its a must. Celtics should let Jesus Shuttleworth go. Da guy is still da best shooter in the league and a good defender but he cant get to da basket as well anymore. Also with the exception of Pierce no one of our startin five can creat his own shot. Its time to move Pierce to da sg spot bring greeninto sf spot and straight we become alot bigger and more athletic with more shot creation. so in lettin allen go along with baby, shaq jermaine (think wit surgery and his comments about kids he calls it a day) retiring as well as troy arroyo up in da air we do have money to spread around. i think we should go all out for deandre jordan. Baby and him prob looking similar money (guessin - ball park anyhow). We now have a startin five of rondo (hopefully with a shot), pierce, green, kg, deandre. So much bigger younger and athletic. Kg is perfect alongside deandre and could mould him into a serious player. next guy i add is jamal crawford. Wont be overly expensive - is there a better 6th man in league. can come on and flat out score and gives us da 3 pt shootin we miss in lettin ray go. alongside delonte got a great backup backcourt. Also pierce can spell green at da 3 play crawford, delonte t da 2 maybe bradley gets more mins. lastly (obv i resigning delonte - love him) resign kristic ad go about gettin another big. Take a chance on oden? ultimate risk reward player. could be a monster - and if (yes huge IF) did get over injuries we would have two young stud monsters inside. if he fell thru then add dalembert or if possible add him too (cap space stretched now prob). great defensively and rebs. also hopefully get some good draft picks and doc gives them a chance.



rondo, pierce, green, kg, deandre

west, jamal, draft pick here, kristic, oden

dalembert, draft pick and bradley.


ps if danny is waiting for 2012 free agents i agree with alot of people that howard seems off to La La land. guys being totally over looked are brook lopez and kevin love - as a duo not a bad fall back plan.


Anyways thoughts guys?

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