It's very hard to understand all the talk regarding the need to retain our 3 free-agents.

Indubitably, WE LOVE everyone in our roster & would love to keep them since they also want to remain a Celtic.

Trouble is, Miami just beat us real bad & so easy that there's NO WAY we will be at par with them next year with the same roster while Wade & LBJ are at their prime!   (And we played them with our A game on yet still lost bad!)

Secondly, there are so many other Eastern teams that are on the rise like Chicago, NY, & etc. that we may see ourselves looking up at them next year & well into the future!

I mean, if Chicago easily beats Miami while the Heat easily beats us, do we then stand a chance against Chicago next year with the same aging roster?  

How about NY & Atlanta, they might as well beat us too next year if we have the same roster!

Thus, we should let BBD, Green, & Krstic go not unless if they are willing to settle for only a 1-year deal worth, say $5-6 million.  Then we can re-sign them again using "Bird's Rights" after signing Dwight in 2012 if he opts out of his "player option" with Orlando after next season.

Now, $5-6 mil. might sound big for any of these 3 players but that's actually a compromise!

Meaning, if these guys truly loves the Celtics & will do everything in their power to help Boston, then signing only for 1 year will help us remain in the hunt for the possible "Dwight sweepstakes" in 2012.

Boston then rewards these 3 by giving them a hefty $5-6 mil. for next year, then re-sign them to a longer contract (but perhaps less than $5-6 mil./yr.) after we get Dwight.


Seriously speaking, if we don't get someone like Dwight soon, we will be HISTORY! 

We will go back to another 20 years hiatus ala post-Bird era because all the current NBA superstars are converging in a few, elite teams.

And since these elite stars are young, then the teams they end-up in [e.g. Miami] will be good for the next 7-10 years  thereby leaving us well behind.   We wiil surely go back to INSIGNIFICANCE for another long period!

In short, re-signing any of these 3 (BBD, Green, & Krstic)  for a long term contract now will surely take us out of the impending Dwight sweepstakes.

But if these 3 "soon-to-be free agents" truly loves the Celtics (as Boston & Celtic Nation indubitably loves them!), they need to help us out & vice versa.

Overall, if these guys can help us obtain someone like Dwight, then they help their own cause too as they will then play for a Boston Celtic team that will be perenially championship contending for a long period of time even post Big 3.


But if these guys only think of themselves & not the overall betterment of the team, then we should simply let them walk-away because we CANNOT afford to retain these 3 guys & in the process, take ourselves out in our pursuit of a difference-maker/NBA superstar ala Dwight Howard in 2012.

If any of these 3 guys does decide to go to another team, we can then tap in to the free agent pool & may find ourselves some veteran players who will be willing to play for the minimum next year (just like what Shaq & Delonte did this year) but play for a contender.

Guys like Vince, T-Mac, Dalembert, Pryzbilla, & etc.

Our offer to them is that they will get paid only the minimum next year, but their sacrifice will pay off the next year once we get Dwight (or some other free agent superstar in 2012) as then will they not only get a ring in 2012 but also, their pay will be a bit higher once we get Dwight or some other free agent superstar .


by John Prester, the world's #1 Celtic fan!

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