A trade You'd Never Expect, Might Save Both Teams

Hi all,

Ill start off by saying im a bulls fan, but i am also a fan of the nba. I was watching the dallas okc series last night and I began to think about the state of affairs for the okc, and immediately i began to think of your current predicament. What I am going to propose will not sit well with you, I understand this, but I think you guys need to realize it really is a great if not simply THE BEST move for you. From a basketball point of view, it makes sense for both teams, but because of the culture of the two teams, I believe this will never happen, mainly because of the way the teams are viewed in the media. This isnt like many of the trades for Dwight Howard or CP3 i keep reading around here, in a sense, its more realistic, and perhaps due to culture, just as much impossible...which is a shame....


A part of me believed this was discussed in this season, when the jeff green trade took place. But due to cultural conflicts more i believe on the boston side this simply didnt go down. The trade is, rajon rondo for russel westbrook.




This really is a great trade for both teams, if you look at the trade from a basketball point of view. Looking at the thunder, they seem to play their best when they really go to durant. When westbrook is willing to avoid tying his team mate in shots taken and points made, they seem to gel more as a team. However these instances are rare mainly and anyone watching is constantly wondering if (or rather when) will go back to hero ball and take away possessions from the better scorer durant.


For the celtics i think this year the opposite held true. The celtics essentially got jeff green to add more offense to the group, with paul pierce and ray allen getting older, those terrible offensive displays in the 4th quarter have been steadily increasing as the season has worn out. What the celtics have needed time and time again is for rondo to be a bit more aggressive scoring at times just so the big 3 can properly rest and close out games. While I am sure most of you celtic fans are just waiting for rondo to develop a jumpshot, it really doesnt seem like it will happen immediately in just a single season. The way i see it, this upcoming season is pretty much make or break for the celtics. Pierce is 33, allen 35, garnett in his 15th season. These guys are no longer approaching the end of their prime, they are already there.


The way i see it, you guys need someone who is willing to play that hero ball you guys so readily hate at times during this season, the big 3 need to conserve their energy through most of games and especially the grueling season, and westbrook is the kind of player that can do that.


Lets set some facts straight though, you guys hate westbrook. Its obvious as to why;  his playing style is almost the complete opposite of rondo. The thing is, i think u guys misinterpret this as a negative. Westbrook in all accounts throughout the season, has always been well liked in his locker room, and by the local media. As a player he and rondo possess very similar skills. Their size, their quickness, but westbrook is extremely good at initiating contact, getting to the line. He also has a solid jumper. The best thing about getting westbrook might be his defense, while he might not have the same hands as rondo to play defense, he has the same tenacity to attack the ball and in a doc rivers system i think he can flourish


If you fear westbrooks hero ball mentality, i think you guys are severely underestimating the impact of a lockeroom with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, and an experienced head coach in doc rivers. Also you might be discounting the chemistry advantages of having westbrook playing alongside his former team mate in green.


If you are going to let your love for rondo bias your thoughts, consider that this situation is actually better for him. In OKC rondo would fit right in as a ball distributor and defender, plus he could provide leadership and play next to perkins. For Rondo his flaws become far more well hidden in okc, mainly because it seems the big 3 have hit a certain stage where they can no longer hide rondo's offensive flaws for 48 min a game.


Even if rondo improves his jumpshot this season, it wont be at a level where the team can rely on him to just take over games when the big 3 are injured or tired. You need someone who can take over games if even in a faux manner that would allow the big 3 to rest up and yet at the same time be willing to do those rondo things like set up team mates when the coach wants plays run and play tenacious d. With a lockout looming, its possible there will be only 1 nba season instead of 2 in the next two years, Do you really think a kg at 17 years in the nba, a ray allen at age 37, and a paul pierce at 35 will be able to continue to push this team deep into the playoffs on will alone? Make the celtics final run be ball in and all out, take as many gambles as necessary to churn out a win. The last thing you want is the celtics to just vanish into obscurity

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