NBA Commentators/Analysts You Love and the Ones you Hate....

Since we don't have much to talk about until the CBA is resolved and the Celtics make some actual moves, I was just curious what the folks on here thought about the various analysts and commentators around the NBA... Here is a list of guys that I can't stand and guys I love -- would be interesting to hear what others think and if others have their own lists... 


Guys I can't Stand:

Tommy Heinson - this guy is the worst commentator in the entire league period.  A total homer, zero professionalism --he has a Dikembe Mutombo attitude about every single foul called against the Celtics.. I dislike this guy so much that on the NBA package, I'll often listen to the visiting team's broadcast just so I don't have to hear him.

Chris Mullin - Zero personality, which is fitting since he looks like a robot/frankenstein... he CLEARLY HATES The celtics too...

Van Gundy/Mike Breen - these guys dont like the celtics either , it was very obvious during the celtics/heat series..Van Gundy just sounds like an idiot and Mike Breen just sucks... 

Kenny Smith - idiot... clearly in love with himself.... needs to STFU and let Charles talk more.. 

Ernie (TNT) - zero personality , also needs to let Charles talk more.. 

Steve Kerr - this guy is the ultimate c*cksucker.. he bailed on Phoenix as a GM when his formula for personnel didnt work out.. he also seems to like to talk about when he was a bull and a spur as if he coudlnt be replaced by any other shooter who could knock down wide open 3's from Duncan and Jordan double teams... 

MIke Tirico - this guy is so fake and is a whore when it comes to commentating sports.. he does NBA, NFL.. he even did the world cup (knows dick about soccer), golf, etc... 

Brent Barry - Tool, 'nuff said...JB is a lot better.

There a few others I can't stand but can't think of them right now... :)


Guys I like/love:


Hubie Brown - he's a sweetheart , great analyst/coach, who doesn't like this guy.. although he did turn White Chocolate (Jason williams) into a very boring player ;)

Dick stockton - doesnt broadcast NBA as much anymore but still great... woudl love to see him and Hubie paired up again like the old days 

Charles Barkley - who doesn't love this guy? His predictions are right on the money, he predicted dallas to beat the lakers and memphis to beat the spurs , dont know a single analyst besides him who predicted that.. .

Jalen Rose - solid analyst, great personality

Mark Jackson - this guy might be my absolute favorite.. he is probably a lakers fan in real life but is totally professional and shows no biases towards any teams.... love his sayings too "Hand down, man down" , "Momma , there goes that man"

Rick Kamla (NBA TV) - cool guy, a little hyper sometimes but I like him 

Kornheiser/Wilbon - Wilbon was the only analyst on ESPN who predicted the celtics would beat the lakers in the 2008 finals... Kornheiser clearly hates the celtics but i still love him because he's hilarious... 

Greg Anthony - solid analyst.

Reggie Miller - I hated him as a player, but he's grown on me as an analyst - plus you can tell he likes the celtics ;)

Magic - I thought it was unprofessional of him to be an analyst when he was still part owner of the lakers.. but he basically tells it like it is, and doesn't mind ripping the lakers ;)  Plus he always pays respect to the celtics past and present... 

Ok so there is my list, would be interested to hear what others think :)



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