2nd round draft players..

instead of making huge trade up moves on draft day lets stock up on 2nd round picks.. why? becuase there is a lot of quality players possibly available.. such as..

usaully you will see these 5 as possible late first round picks/ possible 2nd round fallers -

Justin Harper - Richmond, PF

Marshon Brooks - Providence, SG

JaJaun Johnson - Purdue, PF/C

Chandler Parsons - Florida, SF

Nolan Smith - Duke, PG/SG

Charles Jenkins - Hofstra, SG

there are some names that jump out more than others... but cleveland having picks 1 and 4 in round 1 might be willing to give up pick 32 easier than usuall. maybe a money trade or 'future considerations' pick. and the celtics could grab an all around player in Parsons or a shot blocker in Johnson. both played in quality confrences in college..

another spot is pick 39, the bobcats currently own. they traded away most veterans and seem to be using the youth movement mode or there version of it.. but jordan has never been shy of trades and odd draft day moves. so again something less important to the celtics could mean bigger things to the bobcats like a future protected first round pick. protected if the celtics fall on there face when kg, ray & pierce leave. but some value to a young trying to build a product still.

Travis Leslie - Goergia, SG

Scotty Hopson - Tenn, SF

David Lighty - Ohio State, SG

D'andre Liggins - Kentucky, SG/SF

all could have some value in this spot. lighty and liggins may even be the best pure 3 point shooters in the draft..

the celtics currently own pick 55. i think players like

Kalin Lucas - michigan state, PG

Terrance Jennings - louisville, SF/PF

Lacedarious Dunn - baylor, SG

Rick Jackson - Syracuse, C/PF

could at the very least be worthy of a second round pick. and push some players like von wafer for a 13,14 or 15th spot on the roster. and if now what could it hurt to see them in a summer league or own the rights in d-league. lucas was a top player before getting injured and staying in college. maybe he wasnt full speed last year and this could be an AJ Price type draft pick. Dunn is the leading scorer in the schools history and is a tough player. jackson is a big body who played in the big east, so did harangody. but jackson is more of a rebounding big.

maybe the same 10 man roster/ rotation comes back. JO, KG, PP, Allen, Rondo, West, Davis, Green, Murphy/Kristic, Bradley.. but lets shake the last 5 up. picks 25, 32, 39 and 55 plus a veteran to replace shaq would do that. along with getting younger, more athletic...  williams form maryland, hanilton, texas or singleton, fsu.. then some of the names above.

am i crazy??

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