To Celtic Nation: Is it time to cheer for the Heat?

Right now, it really looks bad for Thibs & Perk.

If Miami & Dallas meet, should we then cheer for Miami since we have our ol' boy Eddie House over there while Dallas doesn't have any former [beloved] Celtic let alone that KG doesn't like Dirk who leads Dallas?

Why all the hate for LBJ & the Heat?  They gave us A TON of respect & homage after beating us instead of celebrating wildly & arrogantly in their arena after Game 5.

Moreover, LBJ said that they looked-up to Boston's Big 3 & that's why they followed such a blue-print to success.

Going back to last year's free agency, I posted a lot of article hoping that by some miracle, we'll get LBJ.   A few other C's fan hoped the same meaning, LBJ's cool with a few of us C's fan, no hate at all.

But if there's one player that should be the focus of our hate [instead of LBJ], then it's that Faker Kobe who's so freakin' arrogant that he's so unbearable! 

Besides, Kobe brought LA close to the C's number of banners & that he was instrumental in Shaq's departure from LA while LBJ embraced Cleveland's acquisiton of Shaq last year (in their bid for a championship) even if Shaq was already old.

And so, Kobe's the true Celtic villain, not LBJ!    

Can we envision Kobe ever coming to Boston [ala Shaq] in Kobe's last remaining year? 

HELL NO because he'll always be a Laker, as he proudly proclaims all the time while LBJ coming to Boston after their run in Miami (in LBJ's declining years) is more possible to happen.

And so, LBJ may be seen as narcisistic by a lot of hoops fan but Kobe is the embodiment of pure arrogance & Celtic villain.

LBJ kneeling down after beating us does show that he's finally maturing while we NEVER see any change in Kobe as he remains to be that ARROGANT black mamba.  

Just wished that Miami's current team formed 2 years ago (when KG went down thereby taking down too our hope for another banner) so that the Gasol thievery compliments of Jery West would've never produced any championship for LA.

Now, J. West is poised for more thievery in Golden State to supply Kobe young talents & high draft picks for another championship run before Kobe retires.   

If that happens, then we really will be cheering for Miami if they keep representing the East for years to come.

Of course, we have high hopes for our beloved C's but we're really no match for LA's [Buss/Mitch/West] thievery.

What should've been a 3-peat for us instead became a "back to back" for LA compliments of that Gasol heist.

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