"Can our beloved C's really get Dwight Howard after next season?"


by John Prester, the world's #1 Celtic fan, Laker-Hater.

Inspite of so many "Dwight haters" both in Celtic Nation & the rest of the basketball world,  there's NO DENYING that he belongs to the top echelon of the NBA only resided by a few like: LBJ, Wade, Durant,  Kobe, D. Rose, Dirk, Melo, & Blake G. 

Meaning, Dwight is a player that if paired-up with another superstar or 2, will surely beat the super team that is Miami.  

Hence, he is indubitably that good that Celtic Nation shouldn't miss-out on the impending "Dwight Sweepstakes" whether you like him or not.

Indeed, he is that one player (out of the so few) who can help us beat Miami in years to come!


But can we really get Dwight?


Well, if the next season starts around Feb. due to the impending lock-out, then there won't be any All-Star weekend nor any trading deadline as the NBA season is shortened.

Of course, there will be frenzied transcations regarding free agents just before the delayed season starts but chances are, Orlando will not trade Dwight in a haste, they will give it another go with Dwight in the hope that something can be worked-out with him either during the course of the shortened season, or after the season.

But if the Magic exits early once again (which most likely will be the case given thier current roster) & if Dwight is really tired of lossing & wants to win ASAP, he will then bolt-out  of Orlando by renouncing his "player option" in 2012 worth $19.2 mil.

And if the new CBA gives a star player $18mil./yr. max. (right now, it's in the +$24 mil. range), then Dwight doesn't lose much in exchange for a chance to go to a championship caliber team like us.

Only Boston has space in 2012 to sign Dwight to the max coz all the other championship contending teams like LA, Heat, NY, Dallas, Chicago, OKC, & etc. won't have space.


But in order for us to get Dwight, we need to have space meaning, we can't offer any of our free-agents (BBD, Green, Kristic, Delonte, & etc.) any long term deal, we need to convince them to look at the bigger picture & help in improving Boston by signing for only a 1-year contract this year, then re-sign for a longer contract via "Bird Rights" once we get Dwight.

If none of them wants to help-out, then we have to let them go.  Of course, we can't blame them for going to greener pastures but Boston needs to look for its best itnerest too because there's NO WAY in the world will we be championship again with all our current free agents.

If they walk away, we cannot afford to offer other solid free agents like Tayshaun Prince, JR Smith, Dalembert, & etc. long contracts because then we won't have space to sign Dwight.  

The best we can do is to go after servicable free agents who are willing to sign for only 1 year say, for $5-6 mil.  (which will be cut to 2/3 due to the shortened season), or go after servicable free-agents willing to sign for the vet minimum for 2 [or more years] ala Shaq.   Grant Hill & other free agents in their late 30's are such examples.

Overall, the only way we can convince solid free agents (whether ours or from another team) to sign for only 1-year is if we offer a decent contract worth $5-6 mil.

But the bottom line is: we cannot afford to offer long term contracts to any free-agents (whether ours or from another team) if we want to pursue Dwight next year.   With the guaranteed contracts to Pierce & Rondo combined for $28.5 mil. in 2012, yet the new CBA may lower the cap to $50-$55 mil., then we really need to reserve space for Dwight!

Chances are, we can attract Dwight with the roster & coach that we have, KG & Ray will re-sign via "Bird Rights" after Dwight signs with us.  For sure, KG & Ray will still be solid come 2012.



If Green, BBD, Delonte, & Krstic signs for only 1 year this upcoming [shortened] season then re-signs for a longer contracts via "Bird Rights," then we really can beat Miami!  (Actually, Delonte won't have Bird Rights with us in 2012 but the other 3 does.) 

If we get Dwight for the maximum [say, $18 mil.] to go with Pierce & Rondo's $28.5 mil., that puts our payroll to $47 mil. leaving us enough money to pursue old but still servicable free-agents for the veteran minimum.  Guys like: Steve Nash, Rip Hamilton, Antawn Jamison, Vince, T-Mac.

With a starting line-up of Dwight, KG, Ray, Paul, & Rondo and a bench consisting of Krstic, Green, BBD, Delonte, it is very likely that "old but servicable" free-agents will sign with us for the vet minimum because it will be their last chance for a championship or 2 before their career is over.

With such a solid team anchored by Dwight. & Rondo, it really can beat Miami & win multiple championships!  The question then is - will our current team & coach be enough to convince Dwight to come our way?


Or, will it take someone like CP3 or Deron Williams to make Dwight come our way?


The way things happen now in the NBA, superstars only wants to join another fellow superstar to form a super team like what happened in Miami & NY.

Unfortunately, Rondo, for some reason, is not seen by other NBA superstars as someone to pair-up with.  

 It's always "Dwight & CP3 to join forces to create another super team" or...

..."Dwight & Deron" to join forces to form another super team, & so on & so forth.

If Boston signs Green to a long contract this off season, it won't be a suprise if Danny offers him & Rondo (and/or another player plus future draft picks) for either CP3 or Deron in order to get Dwight!

With both CP3 & Deron about to become free agents themselves & not wanting to commit long term with their current team, both NJ & Orleans may be compelled to trade them to get something in return than lose them for nothing.

Rondo, Green, and/or another player (plus future draft picks) will be a very strong, enticing offer!

Once Deron or CP3 is in Boston, expect Dwight to really renounce his "player option" with Orlando in order to join a super team in Boston.


Will lossing Rondo then palatable to Celtic Nation?

After lossing Perk, trading Rondo may be the "final straw that breaks the camel's back" as the old saying goes.  That is, breaks the spirit of Celtic fans & Cetlic Nation.


But we have to remember this, if we don't become attractive enough for Dwight to come our way, he SURELY will become a Faker INSTANTLY making L.A. 4-5 peat!   Is that something we can afford?  

Conversely, if we have either CP3 or Deron with our core, Dwight, & a solid bench consisting of "old but servicable" vets & hopefully BBD, Krstic, & Delonte (& quite possibly Shaq & Jo in limited role being paid the minimum too), that will be a team poised for 5-peat & leave LA way behind again with Kobe retiring in 4-5 years! 

At any rate, with Danny at the helm, we Celtic Nation can't count-out the possible scenario of Danny trading Rondo [like Perk] in order to "improve the team." 

Just remember, when Danny was pursuing KG back in  2008, KG didn't want to come to Boston having only Pierce.

But when Danny also traded for Ray, that instantly changed KG's mind knowing that this was a super team poised for multiple championship.

Likewise, our current team & coach might not fully convince Dwight to come to Boston.

But if we land CP3 or Deron in the off-season next year, I'll bet a million bucks that Dwight will instantly change his mind & renounce his "player option" with Orlando in order to join the new super team that is the Boston Celtics!

Deron or CP3 will be calling Dwight to "come & join us here in B-town,"  we will give Miami a run for their money in years to come.

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