18,000 people the anthem were singin'

Players and fans the words they were wingin'--

KG a notable performance to start Q1,

Rebounds and scoring, getting it done.


Q1 the Cs' turnovers numbered three,

That fueled Lebron, eight straight points had he.

With a left foot strain, an early exit for Pierce, 

He has to come back, we know he is fierce.


By early Q2 Bibby and Miller for three,

All uncontested--not what we should see.

Rondo's first foul not until Q2

Then Delonte, for three, showed what he could do.


Baby, Delonte, Wafer, Krstic, Green,

Scoring by the latter like we've never seen!

The Cs' bench outscoring the bench for the Heat,

Seeing them come together is better than sweet.


JO on the boards, in the first half he had eight,

He is finding his rhythm, his contribution is great.

How we end each quarter is important indeed, 

Clock violation and sloppiness, we don't need.


KG's third foul at the end of Q2,

It was like the Cs forgot what to do.

Pierce talking to Rondo, information he's gettin'

Probably about the shots that Wade was settin'.


The Cs need to play better to stay alive,

No stellar play, Cs at the half down five.

Need Ray, KG, to score, Rondo to the rim,

The Captain knows what's required of him.


Rondo's back is sore, Pierce's foot is a worry,

This might explain why up the floor they didn't hurry.

Cs looked inspired at the start of Q3,

Rondo flying around, good scoring by KG.


Rondo's passing's been grand, he has great vision,

He's finding open guys, each time a good decision.

Lebron was quiet, Q2 into Q3

But then he went off, which we hate to see.


How the quarter ends, a factor indeed,

All we saw was Lebron with incredible speed.

Baby and Delonte Q4 started well,

Ray's got a bruised chest, against Lebron he fell.


One thing we learned watching the Heat tonight,

Gotta make Wade and Lebron go right.

Cs went on a run, tied the game, eighty each,

Sure not a vacation in Miami Beach.


Then Lebron took over, the Heat handled the Cs' run,

The Cs starters can't seem to get it done.

Miami did what they should, took care of their home,

Now the Celtics must...(almost the end of this poem).


Can't give this up, so it must be said,

Of Reggie Ray is now 75 ahead.

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