younger, improved team, take 2

ok, awhile back i did a trade to get younger players for davis. this time i flip it up a little bit but still keep it real.

i cant find it anywhere but im pretty sure you can send up to $3m in cash in trades so im using that notion.

ok, recently there was a rumor of cav's, pistons, wolves doing a 3 way deal.

cavs get richard hamilton, #2 pick

wolves get #4 and #8 picks

pistons get cap space.

this deal is said to be dead because the pistons want a player in return. this is where we jump in. the pistons were one of the teams serious about davis when he was a restricted FA so they might want him now too. i believe there is a grace period between the end of the finals and the end of the CBA which would allow us to trade. the idea is that davis would be willing to do it as he would be the starting PF for the pistons with monroe at center.

so we send davis after being signed to a deal starting at $9m and declining each season, our 1st rounder this season to the pistons for $9m of the trade exception they get from the cavs for hamilton.

we then send that trade exception, $3m to the clippers for chris kaman (1 year $12.2m deal, celtics could then sign him to an extension). at 28 kaman, still is in his prime and his offense would open up the teams options.

cavs get the pick they want, wolves move down, pistons get rid of hamilton and add a good young PF to go with monroe, save some money, clippers save money and keep deandre jordan and free up enough cash to get a SF like prince, celtics get a good center. win-win-win-win-win


part 2: the grizzlies

          the grizzlies are going to sign gasol to an extension and its going to coast them quite a bit so they will likely look to clear some cap space. last season they traded thabeets $5m and  tried to trade mayo's $5.6m deal. by trading mayo they can actually sign gasol and stay under the salary cap. again, this is where we come in.

we send the trade exception we got for daniels to the grizzlies along with $2.6m cash and 2012 celtics 1st round pick for oj mayo. grizz stay below or at the cap and pick up a late round 1st rounder in next years very deep draft class. we get a scoring combo guard who plays above average defense. win-win.


part 3: MLE (assuming there still is one)

            sign carl landry. very good defender and very underrated offensive game. landry would get to play on a star studded playoff team with championship hopes and would have the chance to start next season.

  career 54% FG, 77% FT, 12 PTS, 4 RBS in 24 minutes, not bad for a sub


part 4: LLE (assuming there is one still)

           sign earl clark. young 6'10 PF who started to show promise for the magic last season. career averages are nothing to look at but during his time with orlando he averaged 11 minutes, 44% FG, 60% FT, 4 PTS, 2.6 RBS

at 22, still has alot of room to grow and improve. being around this veteran team with hall of fame bigs like shaq and KG to learn from should help him along.


part 5: jermaine and shaq

if jermaine comes back (i hope he does) it gives us strength at the center position with him and kaman. shaq comes back and it only improves us as we really only need shaq for 5-10 minutes, hard fouls, etc....if shaq doesnt come back re-sign krstic but only for the right deal. i think both oneals come back though


start with delonte, when healthy he gave us another demension to play with. with mayo on board, either can play PG or SG which makes keep arroyo a non option, IMO. result, keep delonte, let arroyo go.

green, HAVE to keep green. i think he will have a very good 2nd year with the celtics. the more he's around doc, rondo, PP, ray, KG, shaq, the better it will be for him and his game. lock him up to a 3-4 year deal.

krstic, i only see coming back in this scenerio if jermaine or shaq dont come back and the price is right or both jermaine and shaq hang them up. i think both oneals come back though so krstic goes elsewhere.

von wafer, i keep him on a cheap deal for 1 maybe even 2 year deal. he seemed to improve for us last season and if he can improve again this season could be a nice 3rd SG/SF option.

the rest can all go to other teams in this scenerio, thanks for playing.


part 7: the round about


so the celtics keep delonte, wafer, green and shaq and jermaine both come back.

we added defense, scoring and youth by adding kaman (28 yrs), mayo (23 yrs), landry (27 yrs), clark (22 yrs) to go with rondo (24), delonte (27), green (24), bradley (20) and wafer (25) plus our 2nd round draft pick who would round out the 15 man roster.

giving us a decent roster going forward

C-Kaman / JO / Shaq

PF-KG / Landry / Clark

SF-Pierce / Green

SG-Ray / Mayo / Wafer

PG-Rondo / West / Bradley

Draft Pick


it does slightly increase the team payroll this season compared to last though but the owner DID just say he will spend, SOOOOO....this season we would be at $90m. an increase of $7m from last season.  the season after though offers some relief as KG, ray, JO, shaq, all come off the books unless we re-sign them and if we do it will be for less $$$$. kaman hopefully would take less than the $12m he makes now to stay on a winning team. maybe $9-10 range?

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