"Looking at the brighter side."

I know I'll get ridiculed BIG TIME for this post. 

Some people will say "in your dreams" or "what the hell are you smoking?"


But as corny as it may sound, "something good always comes out of something bad" as the old cliche goes.

Or put in another way, a defeat against Miami could be a blessing in disguise!


It's like, when we lost last year to the Lakers, it prompted Shaq to join us FOR THE MINIMUM inspite of other teams offering him more money.

Unfortunately, Shaq is now hobbled by injuries but him choosing us over other teams (with more lucrative offers) does truly show that Boston is still attractive for players badly wanting to win a championship.


And even if we're quite older now & next year, we're still a very decent team 2-4 years down the road given our veteran players & core.

And so, if we get taken-out this year & next year, someone out there might do a "Shaq move," of seeing Boston as still a very decent team but can use some help.

This could very well be Dwight Howard who wants to win bad!


If Orlando exits early again next year which is very likely given their players (who are very hard to trade)...

...then we might just see Dwight come our way in 2012 knowing that he can help this team, & that this team is the perfect fit for him.   (LA is another team but they won't have space in 2012.)


Ultimately, there's no way Dwight will join Miami...

...while NY, Atlanta, & Chicago [like LA] won't have space to sign him.

Of course, there's so many other teams out West who are also championship contenders like OKC, Dallas, Memphis, [& etc.] but they also won't have space. 


And so, as ridiculous as this may sound to so many hoops fans, Boston indeed will still be a very decent team in 2012.

And as ridiculous as Orlando fans will say it... is indeed quite possible that Dwight will opt-out in 2012 in order to join a contending team since the current Magic team is very weak with players difficult to trade given their HUGE & lengthy contracts.


Thus, we might see "Superman II" does a "Superman I" act, of joining Boston in 2012. 

If this happens, a "back to back" till Pierce contract expires in 2014 (& possibly, Ray & KG too) is very much within the realm of possibility, then we add decent players to play alongside Dwight & Rondo post-Big 3.


But we probably will have to let BBD, Green, & Krstic walk-away when they become free agents after this year in order to have space to go after Dwight in 2012, & to also re-sign Ray & KG. 

We cannot afford to offer substantial money to BBD,Green, & Krstic if we hope to land Howard in 2012.

Chances are, these 3 will get better offer somewhere else.

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